Upcoming Ceremony: Solstice Dreaming ~ Zoom Link

Upcoming Ceremony: Solstice Dreaming ~ Zoom Link

Hi friends!

Save the date for the upcoming ceremony on the solstice ~ a beautiful time to let go and dream into the rest of the year and beyond. Here is the zoom link below!

Solstice Dreaming ~ Receiving the Sweetness of Life

Online Guided Ceremony

A ceremonial ritual and energetic clearing for:

— Letting go of the ways you hold yourself back from joy, love, and ease
— Dissolving the templates of struggle, lack, and worry
— Giving yourself permission to receive the goodness of life
— Calling in the childlike energy of play and wonder
— Tuning into your highest dreams for the rest of the year & beyond
— Harnessing the new energies available of limitless possibility 
— Stepping into the next expanded version of yourself

DATE: June 21 at 7pm PT / 10pm ET
Note: this is the next morning for some parts of the world, ie. June 22 at 10am AWST

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