Becoming a Blank Slate / Next Ceremony is in <22 Hours!

Becoming a Blank Slate / Next Ceremony is in <22 Hours!

Hi everyone!

Here is today's post – and also, a quick note that the next ceremony is upon us!

Clearing Lifetimes of Programming ~ details below:

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You are becoming brand new.

This means letting yourself become a blank slate – connected to it all, yet without any imprints of prior limitations.


How it has to look. How it has to unfold. How it has to be.

You have a blank slate now.

The mind can come up with how bad it can turn out. It can also imagine how good it can be.

But this is limited.

Let go, and let your universe show you a world beyond the mind... a way of being beyond anything you have felt...

Let your universe take you on a grand adventure, and you will discover the language of magic, synchronicity, and destiny — until it becomes your native tongue.

This is the language of the universe. And soon enough, you will speak it fluently — in every thought, word, and deed.

Your thought will be your creation... every word, your command... and every deed, a knowing.

One day, you will remember that you are the author of your story — and even the story of humanity, of the universe, is yours.


To rewire your nervous system, you must first allow it to completely open… exposing all the hidden pockets where you hold fear, stress, and worry.

Slow down and sit with yourself enough to see your patterns — every way you tense up, resist, and hold yourself separate from life, from the deep presence of every moment.

To become relaxed with life, you must first walk through the fire, the deepest discomfort of your being. This is the way to anchor true relaxation — not as a bandaid or temporary fix, but as the foundation of your being.

If you are in the fire, do not fear it... keep going. It is burning away everything that is not you — it is leading you to your core.

Our next ceremony is coming up in less than 22 HOURS!


A ceremony & energetic clearing for:

— Letting go of your deeply rooted programing & fears from this life and others
— Softening the mind’s need to control and figure it out
— Bringing the mind back into harmony
— Journeying through the portal of the heart into the infinite now
— Feeling safe to relax into the new ways
— Trusting your higher self’s guidance
— Anchoring the frequency of living without fear


DATE: March 19 at 7:30pm PT / 10:30pm ET
Note: This is the next morning for some parts of the world (ie. March 20 at 10:30am AWST)

45-min guided ceremony + 45-min Q&A

The recording will be emailed to all after, and it never expires!

What exactly is a ceremony?

My favorite space for journeying into the heart and merging with the knowing of my higher self ~ a process that has shifted my life in the most magical ways. Part-guided meditation, energetic clearing, and ceremonial ritual involving tea, water, or cacao (prepare a mug beforehand)! This one feels really special for this time we are in and will be a deep clearing of old programs, fears, and ways of being — opening our hearts to what is new. A nourishing hug for the heart and soul.

With love,