If You're Feeling Less Inspired or Connected ~ The 5th Dimension Feels Different

If You're Feeling Less Inspired or Connected ~ The 5th Dimension Feels Different

You might notice a dip in your sense of connection or inspiration, but this is not what's actually happening.

“Why am I not feeling as connected or inspired as I think I should be?”

The key word there is “should.” You must let go of all of your expectations of what it should feel like to be connected and inspired. Let go of how you expect to feel.

When you’re in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, your experience of how you connect and gain inspiration is very different from experiences in the 5th dimension and beyond.

In the 3rd and 4th dimensions, this connection and inspiration feels like you're receiving insights and downloads from outside of you, and you are being inspired to move, create, and take action. This can feel exciting and motivating. And you’re used to receiving inspiration in this way, so it can feel weird when it all goes quiet.

In the 5th dimension and beyond, the way you experience your connection and inspiration is completely different. It feels a lot more quiet, because you are already connected — you are embodying your highest self. Know that even when you don't feel connected, you are connected. It's not about receiving downloads, insights, or inspiration from outside of you anymore. It's about relaxing into just being in your connection, in your flow, in your inspiration from moment to moment. And this doesn't have to feel like a massive aha or something you need to act upon.

If you're searching for the adrenaline rush of feeling connected, you'll keep missing the connection you have already anchored within.

True connection is knowing who you are… walking in your truth, with deep trust in yourself, solidly anchored in who you are. You don’t realize how much you have changed as you stepped into the embodiment of who you are. You’re not putting up with anything that doesn’t align with your soul anymore. You honor your energy and what you need. You listen to yourself now.

You’re strong in your knowing. You don’t need to have massive downloads to prove this or bursts of hustle energy that make you feel productive. Let go of all of that, to realize your connection is in the solidity of knowing who you are, what you want in life, and what you don’t want. It is in living in alignment with who you truly are. There’s no extra noise or fuss.

You have let go of needing to prove yourself or please others. You’re just you, and this is your connection now. It is lightyears different from everything you did before, when you were in the energy of lack and coming from a place of thinking you aren’t enough.

Your connection to your spirit and all that you are is stronger than it has ever been, because you have never been more solid in who you are, more trusting in life and yourself, more unswayed by others’ opinions.

Trust that your connection is deeper and stronger, and let it feel different from how you have known yourself to connect in the past.

When you are already connected, and you know you are connected, there's no need to search for the feeling of connection. It just is. It just exists. You just are you.


Written with love,