Navigating Family Triggers, Traumas, And Deep Healing at the Core [Raw & Personal for Paid Members]

Navigating Family Triggers, Traumas, And Deep Healing at the Core [Raw & Personal for Paid Members]

Hello friends!

I’ve been thinking of you a lot and hoping you have been filled with love and warmth this holiday season.

May you love yourself as you are right now, embracing every new moment… knowing that each day, each moment brings a gift.

Time is speeding up, a “year” is no longer the same as it used to be — and I feel we will notice the momentum of rapid shifts and manifestations more and more.

I shared a post recently on the energy of 2024 as I perceive it, and the shifts we are anchoring. You can read it here:

2024 Energy - The Year We Have All Been Waiting For
2024 feels like the year we have all been waiting for. 2023 was important in so many ways. It was foundational — building a strong base for everything to bloom in 2024 and beyond. If you missed it ~ the last ceremony of the year is a beautiful way to let go

I haven’t posted that much on Instagram the last couple weeks (there are a few reasons for that) — one is, Joel and I have been in Hawaii now to spend the first holiday season with my family in 4 years. Some of you may know, we live in Western Australia and my parents and sister live on Oahu, Hawaii. I don’t think I could have ended up further away from my family, as we live 4.5 hours’ drive south of the most remote city in the world, Perth.

The last few Christmases with Joel’s family have been beautiful, but I always felt a twinge of sadness especially around the holidays, missing my family and feeling sad about how I’m missing out on precious time with them as my parents get older. When the borders were shut in Western Australia, I felt hopeless and upset that I was so far from them and had no idea when I would see my family again.

So while I’m with them, I’m really soaking this time in and cherishing even the ordinary moments at home.

It’s also our last stop on our honeymoon, so I’m also cherishing these moments with Joel.

This is a long-form post about family, deep healing and rewiring at the core, old reminders of pain and wounding coming up, and how I have been navigating them.

I will make this a private post for paid members because I go into some raw topics and experiences that I can only share privately.

It is a dream come true that my family and I can all be together now to make new memories and spend quality time. It’s also Joel’s first time living with my family (now in-laws) in their home.

Family is multilayered and complicated, and mine is too. Alongside these feelings of excitement and joy to see them again, I felt a lot of apprehension leading up to our visit.

Wanting privacy, my parents have asked me not to share the depths of their challenges and my sister’s struggles on my public profile the past couple years — even if it is through the lens of my experience of it and how I’m navigating it.

I understand where they’re coming from, and so I haven’t shared much about my sister in the past year or so.

At the same time, it’s not just their story — it is mine. Many of my greatest challenges and lessons in my life (including now) have been around family, and it is pretty impossible to share who I am and why I am this way, without giving the context of my childhood and teenage years.

Being here in my family home, I have felt a whole range of emotions from excitement, bittersweet joy, and peace to anger, guilt, hopelessness, and pain. The painful emotions of my childhood and teenage self wounding me yet again, showing me — there’s more to look at here. There’s more to heal.

I also feel suppressed in a way, because I feel like I can’t write and share about all that I’m processing and navigating now. At least, not on my public profile.

I will share it here, intimately to my paid community… my own perspective, my story — because I feel like it may help others who are navigating similar energies. You are the souls on this planet who have chosen to journey alongside me most intimately, and though I haven’t met all of you — you are my soul family, my friends, and I want to be able to share and write freely with you.

This long format also allows me to go into the nuances and complicated emotions, the privacy of my most raw thoughts and emotions, in a space that feels more appropriate for a sharing like this.

This is a pretty long post because I go into the context of everything, and then I share what Joel and I have been doing to help shift and heal it in ways we have never done before.

The rest of this long-form post is for paid members.

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