Stop Trying to Function the Same Way You Used to: Your Mind is Being Rewired

Stop Trying to Function the Same Way You Used to: Your Mind is Being Rewired

Stop trying to function the same way you used to. You aren't supposed to stay the same.


You are being pushed to let go of the ways you try to control life or protect yourself. Letting go of this can make you feel defenseless and more lost at first.

You are not lost. You are letting go of all the ways you tried to find security, through overthinking, planning, controlling, doing.

This helped you get far in life and create a sense of security — but it was never true security, true trust, because you always felt like you had to keep going and do more to stay afloat.

Your mind has worked hard throughout your life to build a fortress to protect you:

— This is how I navigate life.
— This is how I stay in control.
— This is how I avoid pain.
— This is how I anticipate what’s next and what could go wrong.
— This is how I get others to like me.
— This is how I make sure I’m safe.
— This is how I manage challenges and setbacks.
— This is how I manifest and make progress.

The way you think and navigate life is deeply ingrained in who you are. This is why it’s so disorienting, when this strong foundation you’ve built of YOU begins to crumble.

You do not need to navigate life from behind this fortress anymore, when you realize that there is nothing to fear. Nothing to protect. Nothing to control.

Your true security is found in knowing, and trusting, your connection to it all — your inner being, your spirit, the entire universe and multiverse.

Letting go of your fundamental way of being can feel like a total unraveling.

Instead of trying to control and figure it out, you let go and trust yourself to meet every moment, knowing it is all working out.

Instead of worrying and overthinking, you let yourself feel the fear and discomfort underneath — so that you can let it go.

Instead of comparing and caring what others think, you lean into trusting and appreciating yourself, your own timing, your path.

Instead of hustling to stay afloat or get ahead, you find yourself naturally slowing down and not worrying about it — because you have dissolved the fear of lack and not being or doing enough.

Without your usual defenses, your mind will scream and protest, “But something bad will happen!”

Your challenge is to keep letting go anyway — because that is the only way you will glimpse a new way of being… a world where you do not need to worry, control, protect, or fear.


The more you resist this unraveling and try to pull yourself back into the old ways of controlling, planning, overthinking, and overdoing — the more exhausted you will feel.

Written with love,