The Energetic Upgrades Are Coming in Fast / Today's Ceremony Starting in <6 Hours!

The Energetic Upgrades Are Coming in Fast / Today's Ceremony Starting in <6 Hours!

Hi everyone!

Today's ceremony (on the full moon) is starting in ~6 hours! For those who can't make it live, you can still sign up to get the recording.

Sign up to join live or watch the recording here:

As always, paid members can access the Zoom details and ceremony recording after it ends here.


It is too fast for your human mind to dissect and understand. Allow yourself to just walk through the portal and trust the intelligence of your consciousness, your body, your energy to absorb exactly what it needs to absorb, without needing to make sense of it. This is your next expansion.

Softening into this will allow the energetic shifts and upgrades to integrate into the cells of your body without distortion, without interruption. And this is already happening. You just need to trust that it's already happening, without feeling like you need to keep mental tabs on the process. This is the key to making it feel a lot more easeful.

There is still a part of you that wants to understand and analyze this energetic reality.

How do I do this better?
What can I do instead?
What else do I need to let go?
How else can I show up?
What else do I need to heal?
Who am I supposed to be?
What am I doing wrong?
Why is this happening?
What’s next?

All of these questions are questions of the mind. The mind wants to figure it out and understand what's going on, so you feel more safe. But this is still viewing your ascension from a human lens of trying to understand and control it — and you do not need to do this anymore.

Imagine you’re on a boat. You have been desperately trying to control the boat to make sure you're going in the right direction. But you didn’t know this is a magic boat, and the divine wind is already pushing the boat exactly in the direction it's meant to go, at the exact pace that you are ready for.

You don't need to worry about where you're going, when you'll get there, or how you can sail better because whether you think about these things or not, you are heading in the right direction. And you will get there. You are getting there, and letting go of this extra weight of worry will speed up the boat. It will allow it to sail more smoothly, and you’ll have a more enjoyable experience.

Allow the wind to carry you, allow the waves to gently rock you, and let go… knowing that your universe is steering the ship exactly where you want to go, to better places than you can imagine. Let go.

It is beautiful to want to understand how this universe works and how your ascension is going. It is magical because through your human lens, you're putting a new perspective into the energetic field, into all that exists, of what it's like to really live through this monumental shift in consciousness and be here now.

Through your life experience, you are translating this energetic experience into physical form in your own way. Many have been inspired to capture their insights, through writing, art, channeling, music, and so much more.

This is beautiful because it is fun for you. At the same time, there is also a new expansion available for you — which is no longer needing to wrap your mind around how it all works and instead open your heart to how it is.

Let go of needing to wrap your mind around how it works, how you're doing, and whether it's working or not. And instead, drop into your heart and open… Open to the magic that is already here. Open to the truths of the entire multiverse that can only be felt through the heart, and not known by the mind. Open to the energetic codes that can only be felt and integrated in your cellular body without passing through the filter of your mind. Open to the subtle upgrades in how you feel, how you think, how you are being without needing to consciously try to think, feel and be that way. Do you see the difference?

There's a huge difference between thinking your way through the ascension to being fully in the ascension — allowing it to carry you without resisting, judging, or needing to squeeze it into a box that you can understand.

You will find that you actually do trust the process when you get out of your own way. You have just been tricking yourself into thinking you don't trust the process.

Written with love,