There Will Come a Time in the Global Awakening When It's All Hands on Deck

There Will Come a Time in the Global Awakening When It's All Hands on Deck

As the awakening accelerates around the world, you will feel so ready to support your friends, family, and community. You will know when it is time to move — you will know what to say, what to do. It will feel like momentum and excitement: “It’s happening! The time is now!”


You can feel the difference in your consciousness, how you feel in your body, your nervous system, thought processes, reactions and responses. You are no longer trying to connect with your intuition, your inner knowing — you are living from that space now. It is at the forefront, no longer hidden or suppressed.

This is the magic you’ve been yearning to taste. You have asked yourself, over and over…

Is it true that I am connected to it all?
Is it true that I have all the answers within?
Is it true that I create my reality?
Is it true that I am ascending?

See how far you have come — from not even knowing about any of this, not even knowing a tiny fractal of all that you truly are, not even hearing about these concepts… and now, you have anchored this knowing to the point where it is your lived reality.

It is impossible to exist outside of this reality now. You cannot exist outside of this knowing anymore. It is so foundational to who you are and who you have become. The place you operate from in this life has completely changed — from fear and lack, to trust and limitlessness… to belief in yourself, the world, and your future.

You have been yearning to feel this way in your being. 5 years ago, it would have felt like a miracle to feel this connected, this in-tune, this embodied. And because everything is shifting exponentially faster, just imagine what you will be experiencing one year from now, two years from now.

It is all coming so much faster, and it’s going to become more miraculous.

The Earth will go through its own process of purging, as people awaken to shocking truths and come to face everything they have been ignoring. But you have already gone through your own dark nights of the soul, your own awakening in your timing — you have purged the majority of what needs to be purged for yourself already. Now, you are stepping into the fullness of who you are.

And so, you will be capable of holding the light while the world catches up, while humanity catches up. There’s just a little bit of a time lag between you and where they are, but you will be holding the light so that they know which way to go. They will have hope, because they can see your example, your life, your light, showing them that all is not lost.

You are already living true to your soul now and following your joy — but it’s going to become even more exciting — so much more expansive and overwhelmingly exciting — because you know you came here for this time on Earth. You came here to help create the world to follow.

There is nothing to fear or doubt. This is the essential process humanity must go through.

YOU MAY BE FEELING IMPATIENT because you are so ready, you are waiting for this moment. You know that it’s not yet time — you cannot force others along their path, and that is not your role. Right now, you are already doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing — simply by working on yourself, shining your light, and following the nudges of your heart. But when it’s really time to share and help others, especially those who are seeking answers — you will feel unleashed, untethered, unfiltered. You will rise to the moment… and it is going to feel so exciting because by this point, it will be all hands on deck.

The entire world is shifting, and there will be no room for fear or lack anymore. You are so ready. You have been ready.

Trust that this is coming. You are walking towards it, faster and faster. Trust that you are already ready — you have gone through your life journey, so many awakenings that turned your world upside-down… you have looked within, faced your fears and emotions, healed your traumas. You have done the work.

Even on your lowest days, your frequency now is so much higher than it ever was. Ever.

And even when you feel like you're not doing enough or you're behind, you are on the leading edge, you are holding the keys of consciousness — because most are not even aware of 1% of what you have become aware of, what you have shifted within, what you now know is possible.

You are going to be able to provide so much support, when the time is right — simply by being you. So for now, continue to trust your path and follow the nudges of your heart. Trust that you are doing enough by being you, and it is all happening perfectly for you.

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