Who Knew, the Sheer Courage it Would Take to Choose Trust Over Fear

Who Knew, the Sheer Courage it Would Take to Choose Trust Over Fear

At first, it can feel scarier to choose trust, instead of the comfortable fears of the mind. It can feel scarier, to pave a new pathway when you don’t know where it’s leading.

It can feel like the momentum of all that you have been until now, across all lifetimes, is pulling you away from the new way of trust that is wanting to come in.

You are stepping into the unknown.

This way of living, in pure trust and flow with every moment, has never been done before. At least, this consistently. With this much awareness. And where you are heading — it is beyond anything you have experienced.

It is normal to feel unsure — you are brand new. Raw and open. Instead of hardening to this, keep softening. Soften into your trust. Soften into your heart. Let it hold you. And let it show you the way.

WHO KNEW, the sheer courage it would take to choose trust over fear.

Who knew the courage it would take to let yourself relax about something your mind says you should be worried about.

Who knew that it would actually be harder to teach your nervous system to rest… instead of following the usual pattern of overthinking.

Who knew, it would feel like a great rebellion — against yourself and the entire world — to listen to the whispers of your heart, telling you… “You don’t need to worry. It is all working out.”

How courageous it is, to resist the urge to try to figure it out — when your mind keeps screaming at you to figure it out.

Who knew that leaning into trust would look and feel absolutely crazy… that you wouldn’t be able to explain to anyone (even yourself) why you’re not running a million miles an hour trying to figure it out…

Leaning into trust can make you feel like you’re being lazy, unrealistic, behind, and downright delusional… but somehow, it feels more right, it feels more true… Somehow, you cannot drum up the old motivation and urgency to hustle and plan it all out. Somehow, you feel like trusting is what unlocks the highest timeline of ease, trusting is going to let it flow exactly the way it is meant to.

And you cannot explain why you know this is how it works, to anyone, even yourself.

It feels like I’m splitting in two between the old me — what I have always known — and the new me… so foreign yet familiar at the same time.

My body is actually more calm and relaxed in every present moment than ever before. My heart — softening, open, trusting. I feel more chill about everything.

But my mind sometimes gets stuck in the old thought loops, the old patterns. I need to do this and that… I should worry about this and that… But how is this or that going to happen…

My mind, stuck in the past. Repeating the loops.

My body, anchoring the new. Feeling so calm, so chill.

My mind, getting confused why I’m thinking these thoughts that used to create such tension and anxiety in my body — and yet, my body is displaying the opposite. Relaxed. Trusting.

These thoughts no longer have power over me. They are just an echo of the past.

My mind is just entertaining itself with echoes of the past. Stuck in Act 1. It has not yet gotten the memo — hey look, the scene has changed. We have gone on to Act 2. We can change the tone. We can change it all.

Your heart knows truths your mind has not yet caught onto. Your heart knows it is safe to be relaxed. To trust.

But now, it is getting easier to trust the heart. This calm is now replacing the worrying of your mind — this trust is becoming your default state of being.

Written with love,