Your Confusion is a Sign that You're On the Right Track

Your Confusion is a Sign that You're On the Right Track

This is an excerpt of an audio channeling I recorded for myself, shared to paid members of

I've been recording audio channelings (messages in my voice, channeling my higher self and higher aspects of my soul) and sharing them on the Bonuses for Members tab.

These audios hold so many profound messages for navigating these energies and shifts, with such a beautiful calming frequency.

This post below is just a short excerpt of a much longer, intimate audio channeling I did yesterday.

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Channeled Message on Connecting with Higher Aspects of Yourself [Paid Members]
Hi everyone! I wanted to share an audio recording of a channeling session I did for myself, on some personal questions I had – and I was surprised that instead of channeling my higher self as I always do, a higher aspect of my soul came through. It is a 2-part

This feeling of disorientation is part of the ascension of your consciousness.


Do not fear the unknown. It is here, where you find freedom from the known. Freedom from what has been done. Freedom from what has already been lived. This is the next edge of your expansion.

Through the unknown, you are finding freedom to create your life from that pure being-ness in your heart, your soul, the essence of who you are. Freedom to shatter every limitation and way that you have thought life has to be, in order to experience all that you are… and all that life can be. This is a necessary step.

This message is coming through to comfort you and show you that there’s nothing off. There’s nothing wrong with how you have been feeling. You are on the right track. You are exactly where you’re meant to be.

This is all normal… even feeling confused and lost — feeling like you cannot find your comfort, security, and motivation in the old vehicles of what you used to reach toward for comfort, security, and motivation.

All the ties to the matrix are dissolving now. There is nothing to hold on to anymore. You’re just wanting to know that it is safe to trust and take a leap into the unknown.

The unknown feels so scary to the human.

The unknown requires you to trust and surrender, even more deeply than ever before. It requires you to trust more, when you have no physical proof or evidence of what you are holding on to for your security. But it is safe.

This is the leap of faith, the energetic leap of faith, you are moving towards. It may feel like it's not a conscious decision of yours to take that leap of faith because it is already happening. You are already leaping, and there is no way to go back. And this is scary, because who you used to be, even up until a month ago, felt so familiar to how you have always been. Many of you have found your security, worth, and motivation through your passions, creations, your “work.” And it's scary to feel like that is not your highest focus, your highest gravitation, anymore.

Of course, you will continue to create and do what you love. But this identification with your work, your creations, finding your stability through that one vehicle — that is what is dissolving. Your ties to it, the dependency and attachment — that is what is dissolving, until you are free to create, play, and share, purely for your joy. Purely for your soul (which you already do) — but without the final ties of needing it to look a certain way or needing it to progress at a certain pace in order to feel safe, supported, or good enough.

Do you see how even when you are doing what you love, you still had ties to the old ways?

This is no longer serving you, the way it has served to you. You can no longer find your security, motivation, or stability in anything that keeps you attached or looking externally for the validation, trust, stability, and proof that you are supported. These are all dissolving, so that you can know that the security, safety, and stability have always been within you. You do not even need anything outside of you.

And from that place, yes, you will create beauty and magic beyond your wildest dreams. Yes, you will continue to experience the expressions of your soul you're wanting to experience. Yes, you will love and share your heart — but it will all come from within, without needing any outcome. It will come from that place of being in your joy, in your heart.

This is very counterintuitive to how humans have looked at life, work, and safety. It is a complete deconstruction of every way you have known yourself to live, think, act, and be. It can feel like you are dissolving into nothingness. Just trust that what is dissolving are the shackles that no longer serve you, even the shackles that you have found safety and comfort with. And what remains is your soul — the purest light of who you are.

Written with love,