Anchoring Your Future Self

Anchoring Your Future Self

Written 5 years ago...

I close my eyes, envisioning my future self and all my dreams for my life. My mind first thinks of material and experiential desires, but it quiets as I drop into my heart.

What’s left is so pure. I taste the freedom and joy of of how I want to feel, how I want to be, as I flow through life. There’s bliss, creativity, and a deep trust in the universe.

Gratitude swells in my chest, a powerful alchemical force merging my future with the present moment.

My future self is not yet here, but I can feel what she feels. She’s already in me, alive in the timelessness of my heart.

She starts speaking, through emotion.

Love overflows from my heart, brighter than I’ve ever felt before. It shatters the barriers of my body and mind, expanding and connecting me with all of nature and humanity.

I have remembered who I am. I am an eternal spirit, pure love.

I am that. I am you. I am the trees, the stars, the multiverse. I am God, experiencing himself and herself in this individual reality. As are you.
Finally, I love myself without conditions. Finally, I know what that feels like in its totality. And at the same time, I know I can go even deeper. My capacity to love is infinite.

Here at last. I have become who I truly am.

I don’t just love. I am love, I’m being love. My life becomes an expression of love, and I can’t help but share it. It overflows to my family, partner, friends, strangers. I’m dancing with my toes in the sand.

My whole being sighs in deep contentment. This is what it’s like to dissolve anxiety, to stop acting from fear, to let go of the need to control.

I’ve released my attachment to outcomes, knowing I’m exactly where I need to be – right here, right now. Everything unfolds in divine timing, as it always has. It’s just that I can see it now.

Without my resistance, life flows effortlessly. When I come from a place of unconditional love, I know I’m serving the highest good of the world and myself.

My heart exclaims in joy. I’m boundless, and it dawns on me…
Everything I want to feel is available to experience right now, through emotion.

I no longer have to wait for the experiences, people, achievements, or possessions I thought would give me the fulfillment I crave. All the love that I desire is already here within me. The wave is swelling within. I’m the one creating it in slow-motion.

What a magical unfolding – this being, this becoming. It’s time to surrender and ride the wave. Feel the sun on my face, drop into now.
It’s time to stop waiting for the future. Timelines collapse as my heart opens to welcome my future self into the now.

We’re here. We are already free.

I love finding these old posts. Snapshots of me… becoming.

I’ve spent a lot of time these past five years — shedding the layers, dropping into my heart, feeling my higher self, yearning for a deeper connection… until the separation grew thinner and thinner… and I realized, I am already her… I am already here.

Our next ceremony is coming up in 1.5 days!!

We will journey through my favorite process for heart-opening shifts, anchoring your higher self, and feeling the light of your soul.


A guided journey and energetic shift into:

— Letting go of heavy patterns, beliefs, and expectations
— Building trust that things are working out, and it doesn’t have to be hard
— Connecting with the new realities and energies available now
— Shedding old skins and choosing a new way of being
— Calling in the lighter realities of ease and expansion
— Receiving messages from your higher self


DATE: February 11 at 5:30pm PST (California) / 8:30pm EST (New York)
Note, this is the next morning for some parts of the world: February 12 at 9:30am AWST (Perth)

You can watch the recording afterward if you cannot make it live. It will be emailed to all, and you can watch it as many times as you want.

Format: 1.5 hour group video call on Zoom
Guided ceremony/meditation: 45 minutes
Open sharing and Q&A: 45 minutes

You are welcome to join via video or just listen in, whatever feels best to you! Ceremonial cacao is optional  — you can find it at a natural food store near you.


There is a sliding scale for tickets.
Choose the amount you feel called to give: ($11.11, $22.22, or $33.33 USD).

Written with love,