Create a Life Doing What You Love ~ The course is finally here!

Create a Life Doing What You Love ~ The course is finally here!

A couple months ago in my Stories, I asked you to share your fears and challenges around creating a life doing what you love. The responses came flooding in — and I could see myself in all of them.

Yes, I have felt that. Yes, that fear is totally normal. Yes, this is so incredibly hard. And — you will get through it. You are feeling it intensely, because you are moving through it. You are courageous. And over and over again, it is safe to trust the nudges of your heart. Just wait till you see the magic on the other side.


When I first started off on this journey, I asked myself… “Is it possible to actually create a life doing what I love? Is it possible for me to simply be ME in this world — and thrive?”

I deeply wanted to build a life doing what I came here as a soul to BE, but I felt paralyzed by my doubts. For ages, I felt like I was in a limbo space – one foot stuck in the old world, and one foot reaching out into the abyss… see-sawing between hope and fear.

I didn’t know when (or if) I would ever be free of that endless cycle of doubt. I didn’t even know what exactly I wanted to do, but I knew it couldn’t be found in the conventions of the world.

With each shaky step, I walked into the abyss — and I found my trust. My joy. My freedom. I found that it IS possible to create a life doing what I love — not only as a passion project or hobby, but as the fullest expression of who I am.

And this is also calling you for a reason, because it is your birthright. You feel suffocated by the ways of the world because you are here to taste a new way. A new way of ease, fulfillment, and possibility — this is what you came here to experience, and so much more.

I get so many questions every day about this, and this inspired me to share more deeply on this topic — to create a guided journey, a course — to help people who are in the thick of it.

This course holds everything I learned along the way — everything I wish I knew when I started: the mindset shifts, energetics, and practical steps that most powerfully helped me create a life that allows me to be ME.

Creating a Life Doing What You Love ~ Course and Energetic Alchemy
The New Earth Way of Living, Creating, and Thriving

This is NOT a business course, or any typical course.

Part-workshop, part-ceremony, part-energetic upgrade…

This is about breaking the old models of hustle, struggle, and limitation — and opening up to a new way of BEING.

Freeing yourself so you can live with:
— Ease, flow, and synchronicity
— Trusting you are guided in each present moment
— Allowing yourself to receive and be supported
— Navigating life through the heart and not the mind
— Knowing you ARE your universe, and you are limitless

Every module contains 2 videos (a workshop AND a ceremony) so you can amplify the practical and mindset shifts with deep energetic clearing and support.

This is a seed I’m planting, about a new way of living — in alignment with your heart and soul… how it is possible to thrive doing what you love… how the energy of your highest joy can shift your life and ripple out into the world…

This is just a taste of a new way — one I didn’t fully believe was possible myself. But now, I know it is the pathway forward. I know it is possible, for anyone who desires it – and it can be even better than anything you can imagine.

This is an energetic invitation to step into the New Earth way of living, creating, and thriving AS your soul.

This program is for you if…

You are yearning to create a life doing what you love, but you’re tired of the old models of hustling, forcing, and overthinking

You feel suffocated by the old ways, but not fully trusting if what you want to do is practical or can support you financially.

You are sick of see-sawing between hope and fear, excitement and self-doubt… and you want to break the cycle.

You feel stuck trying to figure it out and want to feel the momentum, ease, trust, and flow that others speak of.

You are afraid of being seen and judged, but at the same time, you deeply want to shine your light and show up in this world AS YOU.

You aren’t sure exactly what it is you’re meant to do — it may feel like it keeps changing, or you don’t see an example of what will truly light you up out there in the world today.

You are worried that following your heart and creating something may lead to exhaustion and burnout — the same thing that scarred you before.

You keep doubting if you have anything special to offer, if your gifts or creations are valuable to the world, and whether you can really make a difference.

You want to do what you love, help others, and share your heart, but you don’t resonate with the conventional ways of doing business, selling, and hustling.

Format: 10 Modules — Self-guided: Do it at your own pace

Each module contains: 2 videos (Workshop + CEREMONY), and more
— A workshop/talk-style video
— A pre-recorded guided ceremony on the topic to help shift fears/blocks, clear the energy, open up to receiving clarity and guidance PLUS an oracle message
— A frequency healing meditation + journal prompts
— My writing and messages on the topic

Enrollment is now open for the course at SUPER EARLY BIRD pricing for the first 50 people who sign up.

Sign up below, and you will immediately receive the first couple modules. New modules will be released weekly until all 10 modules are open.


Those who enroll in this first intake will also get the chance to ask any questions that come up (and receive bonus videos addressing the questions). There will be one live Q&A that is optional to join (and the recording will be added to the course).

Written with love,