Following Your Excitement to Your Highest Timeline

Following Your Excitement to Your Highest Timeline

Your path will not unfold the way you expect.

Some things that you yearn for will happen slower than you expect.
And some things that are beyond your imagination will happen so fast, you will wonder how it was possible.

Follow your excitement, immerse yourself in it, play in it — without needing to know the “how.”

The logistics of turning your excitement into something tangible for the world — that was never for you to figure out with the mind.

That was for you to be shown, with every step you take into your joy.

It is not about the physical, logistical steps you take.
It is about the energetic steps you take into the frequency of your excitement.

I never thought I’d be a social media person. You know… anyone with a following like this.

I’m just a regular girl… with a dream to write and to share my art with the world.

And social media came in, as the tool in this day and age, to foster my dream.

It did not look like how I imagined; this path did not unfold in any way I could plan.

I still don’t think of myself, in the way I may appear on here, to the outer world.

I’m just a regular girl, with a dream to write and share my heart with the world.

But this platform has given me an unexpected gift that cannot be seen at surface level.

It is the miracle of connecting heart-to-heart with souls around the world whose journeys and hearts mirror mine.

It‘s like a beacon of energy, calling in the sweetest people I would have never otherwise met… many leading to deep soul connections, resonance, and friendships that cannot be measured.

I get frustrated with social media, drained by my devices, like everyone else. There are many things I wish I could change about it all.

But overall, I have a lot of gratitude for it. I am grateful I was open to whatever pathway the universe brought through, that would allow me to write and share my heart with the world… in the most easeful and accessible way.

It is the tool I choose, for now… but hey, in the future we may all be telepathic and won’t need it anymore. And I am excited for that, and everything in between.

Every day, I feel so grateful for all of you… this loving community we have built, despite all the density and interference on platforms like this… it is beyond anything I imagined.

Written with love,