It is Already Done

It is Already Done

This path does not need to be an endless search.

It is a misconception that this ‘spiritual’ path is an endless quest for healing and wholeness — though many people do find themselves in this cycle, it does not have to be this way.

It is not about getting to any destination. It is about seeing the wholeness that you are now — in this moment. And this remembrance can happen in a split second. It is available now.

Of course, your soul is curious and wants to keep expanding — you would get bored otherwise. You came here to discover all that you are, all that life can be, all that this world can be.

But this does not need to be hard anymore. It does not need to be a rush to get to a destination, when there is so much beauty right here, right now. It can be an easeful, expansive, discovery — for remembering the magic that you are is a joyous experience.

It was never about the external search to begin with, though that is often the catalyst for people to begin their journey inward.

You are wired to keep seeking more — more progress out there, more self-improvements within. There is nothing wrong with this, as it has brought you to where you are today.

But notice when you are clinging onto this endless seeking, for these reasons:

— Habit
— External / societal pressure
— Thinking you are not good enough
— Thinking you’ll be happy, once you get XYZ
— Comparing yourself to others
— Not loving yourself as you are
— Thinking you are broken or flawed

I have always gravitated toward a more gentle, encouraging approach. And this has allowed things to flow with more ease, less resistance, with every day.

Instead of telling myself, “I have such a long way to go,” I started telling myself:

— I am already doing it.
— I am already on my way.
— It is happening now.
— It is already within me.
— I am so grateful for where I am now.
— It is getting better and better.

You are already doing it.
You are already on your way.
It is happening now.
It is already within you.
There is so much here to be grateful for.
It is getting better and better.

Written with love,