Story Time: Rising into a Higher Frequency in Bali

Story Time: Rising into a Higher Frequency in Bali

Side note:

This expansive state wasn’t really created because of the type of tea (I’ve had this same tea many other times without much of a shift in energy). I think this particular experience went so deep because of my INTENTION to drop into my heart and breathe deeply PLUS the calm group energy of my friends that helped hold the space. We were all in a similar state of grounded calmness, which helped maintain and amplify that energy.


The present moment, in its pureness, is already in a high frequency. Imagine nature — just as it is. You can choose to rise to meet it, at any time — but it is the human tendency to whizz past it and miss the beauty that is here.

There is a tangible difference between observing the present moment and being IN it.

When you are in pure presence, you are one with everything. You are not thinking the moment from the mind — you are living it from the heart. You may feel blissful, or totally calm — but most of all, you feel ALIVE.

I think most young children live in this state, especially while playing. As we grow up, we get glimpses of this state when we are in complete flow. For me, I have found it while dancing, painting, and skiing down a mountain.

But even that does not compare to the few times in recent years that stand out — the most shimmering days of my life… and I cannot describe them fully without saying it felt like I was experiencing life from another dimension.

There was that tea ceremony in Bali, three years ago…

At a beautiful cafe, I joined a tea ceremony with five friends — new and old. I was the last to arrive; there was already a grounded calmness at the table when we exchanged quiet hugs. We sipped ancient Chinese tea and chatted. My friend, who was pouring the tea, explained that it was a very pure tea, hundreds of years old, which makes it high in qi or life force energy.

Over the course of two hours, I noticed myself breathing more slowly and deeply. My thoughts quieted as I listened to my friends and chimed in when I felt inspired to speak.

I struggle with self-consciousness when I’m around people, especially new acquaintances and friends. I worry about being misunderstood or not seen for who I am. I tend to think too much about what to say, or how I’m being perceived.

But on this day, the undercurrents of mental chatter and anxiety quieted. I felt this peace in my chest as I dropped into my heart. I was calm, grounded. Instead of worrying about how I appeared or how I was contributing to the conversation, I was fully present, without trying.

There was no rush. No need to be anywhere else but there. No need to check my phone for the time.

My friend was looking at me and said, “You seem so peaceful right now. So you. I haven’t seen you like this in a long time.” And later, he said, “It’s beautiful to see you like this… You’re shining brightly.”

I was surprised, because I hadn’t been “doing” much. I was just sitting there, basking in the peace and presence I felt in my heart, enjoying my friends’ company.

I told him, “I FEEL like me. I feel more like me right now than I have in a long time. My heart is open.”

I felt graceful. It wasn’t necessarily that I was being graceful… I just FELT grace flowing through my body.

We all hugged goodbye, and I flowed through the rest of my day in that same state. I was smiling at strangers, who smiled back. I walked more slowly, taking it all in — everything seemed more vibrant than usual. For lunch, I had my favorite bowl that I usually get – only the flavors exploded in my mouth and tasted more delicious than ever before. And no, the tea was not spiked with anything!

Raw words written in my journal AS I was in this state:

“Wow. I am in my heart, fully aligned. Dropping in and grounding. I feel this peace in my chest… A silent calmness… My thoughts are slower. A lack of resistance. This is complete release and surrender to the present moment. There is no lack. No desire… No attachment to the outcome… No fear, worry, self-consciousness… I am aligned to SPIRIT… The source… The everything. My truth.

This is presence. And in this space, it feels unshakeable. Everything can flow through me easily.

There is no need to do anything, but be here. And then from that place, everything else blossoms. Everything else becomes effortless. What is no longer needed slips away.

This state is not far from our reach. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get here. It’s a release, a relaxation into our true nature. It’s just a different frequency, a channel, that is always accessible within us.  It is less than a deep breath away…

From here, you can’t help but overflow with love in your heart. All you’ll want to do is share it with others… And everything you do, express, and create will be touched by that quality of love.