When You Are Called into Action, You Will Know it in Your Bones

When You Are Called into Action, You Will Know it in Your Bones


You came to Earth for a reason, you came here for a shift that has yet to fully materialize before your eyes — and so, of course you feel like you are holding your breath, that you cannot fully move forward with your life, until that massive shift can be felt and seen, without doubt, throughout the world.

You may feel like you are here for a purpose, a mission… and you’re itching to start, but you don’t know exactly what to do or when to move… You are in a holding pattern, waiting for the gates to burst open so you can fly forward.

You may have glimpses of your vision, your role, the world you are creating — but you cannot see evidence of how to get there in the world before your eyes.

Your soul self is thousands of steps ahead of your human self. The energetic reality you can feel in your heart is dimensions away from the physical reality of your life today.

It is normal to feel impatient, even bored with your daily routine. Your soul self has been busy preparing for, calling in, and anchoring a reality that is lightyears away from where you stand.

And yet, though this lightyears’ gap feels too vast to close… a shift like that can happen in the blink of an eye. It is all accelerating now.

You are waiting for the green light to GO, and when the time comes, you will know it in your bones. You will know what to say, what to do… You will feel called into action, for this is what you’ve been waiting for. But until then, everything you attempt to do to “make progress” may feel fruitless.

If you are trying to make progress to satisfy your mind, your ego, to feel better that you are “doing something”… let go of this immense pressure on yourself. For you are not here to frustrate yourself by spinning your wheels, when you don’t feel inspired to move from within.

This phase, this waiting period, is not a time for forceful doing… it is a time to recognize all that you already do, through BEING.

Yes, do what makes your heart sing… follow your excitement, explore your curiosities… but resist the temptation to push yourself out of frustration or impatience.

Trust that you will be of service, you will create joyously, you will do so much good — when the time comes. They say, when the big shift ripples throughout the world, it will be “all hands on deck” — and that is an understatement.

Trust that you are already doing so much for the world, through your light — energetically, physically, emotionally. You are here, are you not? You are feeling it all, seeing it all, shifting it all.

You are here, it is done, because you have already answered the call.

Written with love,