Current Energies & Upcoming Ceremony on Clearing Lifetimes of Programming

Current Energies & Upcoming Ceremony on Clearing Lifetimes of Programming

Hello beautiful friends!

I took a break from posting the last ~2 weeks as I was moving through precisely the energies elaborated in this post below... really witnessing myself, seeing how much my mind wants to control, plan, get ahead – and allowing myself to create spaciousness to let it all go.

It is not easy! This is when the mind kicks in even harder, and it gets even more uncomfortable. It is not easy to sit in this discomfort, allow yourself to feel it, and resist the "knee-jerk" reaction of trying to fix, control, plan, or get ahead. But this is the way, to let go of the old programming layer by layer – this is the way to open up to brand new dimensions, all new realities, from within. There is a brand new way of being coming through, one where you live in pure knowing, connected to all that you are, trusting in whatever arises in each present moment, creating and taking action exactly when you are inspired and guided – all in perfect timing and flow.

I shared an audio note about this process in-depth last week ~ paid members can listen to it here.

Also! The next ceremony is coming up in <8 days ~ such a potent one for assisting in clearing lifetimes of programming and expanding into a new way. The details are below and also here!

It is time to let go of all the ways you try to control your reality with your mind.

You have been used to living from the mind your entire life — planning, worrying, overthinking, controlling… Your intellect and ability to figure things out have helped you get to where you are. But now, you are seeing that it can only get you so far — and this tight grip of trying to get ahead, plan and control, is getting more painful to hold.

It is no longer working for you, as it used to. There are cracks forming in the solid foundation of how you navigate life that you built with your mind… It is crumbling now, because underneath, you hold a belief that you are not safe, not good enough, not there yet — an assumption that you need to control life because you do not yet have deep trust in life, your soul, and all that you are.


— The old way feels safe; it is your comfort zone
— The new way is the unknown — and you don’t know if it will work
— The old ways may have served you or helped you become who you are
— The old way is all that you have known, across all lifetimes, and you don’t know how else to be
— The entire world seems to be following the old way
— Choosing the new makes you feel more alone on your journey

When you choose to let go of the old — whether it is a way of being, a fear, or pattern — it takes effort to consciously choose to step into a new way. At first, it takes immense of courage and effort to resist the momentum of the old you and all that you have been up until now.

You are also being shown how much you hold onto this reality with your mind. How much you try to protect yourself or get ahead through planning, worrying, overthinking, controlling — and all of this is becoming more exhausting.

Our next ceremony is coming up in 8 days!

We have already done so much inner work to clear and shift our major fears. Now, we are going into the deepest layers of our consciousness and cellular body to let go of the core programs we have carried for lifetimes... All the ways we try to control, protect, and brace ourselves to this reality... all the ways we feel separate, afraid to fully let go. We will do some deep clearing to flood our bodies with light and remember that it is truly safe to surrender into the new.

A ceremony & energetic journey for:

— Letting go of your deeply rooted programing & fears from this life and others
— Softening the mind’s need to control and figure it out
— Bringing the mind back into harmony
— Journeying through the portal of the heart into the infinite now
— Feeling safe to relax into the new ways
— Trusting your higher self’s guidance
— Anchoring the frequency of living without fear


DATE: March 19 at 7:30pm PT / 10:30pm ET
Note: This is the next morning for some parts of the world (ie. March 20 at 10:30am AWST)

45-min guided ceremony + 45-min Q&A

The recording will be emailed to all after, and it never expires!


There is a sliding scale for tickets.


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You can cancel anytime and still access all the videos, audios, and channelings for 30 days. As always, paid members can get the Zoom link for the upcoming ceremony and all previous recordings on the Monthly Ceremonies tab.

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