March 19/20 Ceremony: Clearing Lifetimes of Programming [Zoom link below]

March 19/20 Ceremony: Clearing Lifetimes of Programming [Zoom link below]

Hi everyone!

A massive theme that has been coming up for me is really seeing where I still operate from the old programming and how deeply rooted these energies are in our being.

We have already done so much inner work to clear and shift our major fears. Now, we are going into the deepest layers of our consciousness and cellular body to let go of the core programs we have carried for lifetimes... All the ways we try to control, protect, and brace ourselves to this reality... all the ways we feel separate, afraid to fully let go. We will do some deep clearing to flood our bodies with light and remember that it is truly safe to surrender into the new.

A ceremonial ritual and energetic journey for:

— Letting go of your deeply rooted programing & fears from this life and others
— Softening the mind’s need to control and figure it out
— Bringing the mind back into harmony with your being
— Journeying through the portal of the heart into the infinite now
— Feeling safe to relax into the new ways of being
— Trusting the guidance of your higher self
— Anchoring the frequency living without fear

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