Solstice Special: Becoming New ~ Ceremony Recording

Solstice Special: Becoming New ~ Ceremony Recording

Hi friends!

Below is the ceremony recording for our final ceremony of the year!

We journey into letting go of all energies from the past year (and beyond) that no longer serve us and tune into the expansive frequencies that are available now… the most beautiful expression of who we are becoming… and all the magic we wish to anchor from this moment.

An energetic journey for:

— Wiping the slate clean, in the best way
— Tuning into our soul’s authentic expression
— Creating our life from who we are NOW and not who we have been
— A massive cleansing and letting go of what is no longer needed
— Allowing ourselves to embody more of who we truly are
— A deep recharging and renewal to close the year
— Tuning into our vision for 2024 and beyond


You can break it up by watching the ceremony (first ~45min) and talk + Q&A (latter ~45min).

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