The Limbo Space Has Meaning

The Limbo Space Has Meaning

In the limbo space, where it feels like you're not doing enough, and nothing is happening fast enough...

That's when you need to let yourself slow down and rest.


Facing your fears, taking the leap of faith, feeling your feelings, listening to your heart — all of this takes an enormous amount of energy.

But because it doesn’t come with a flashing badge, a list of responsibilities — like a job — you don’t put much weight on it. And you underestimate how much rest you need from the exhaustion of facing yourself, day after day, and navigating the tightrope between your safety and your dreams.

At first when you take the leap, it will look like you are doing much less on the outside than you used to. You may no longer have the structure of a conventional job, the schedule, the constant hustle… You may no longer have something concrete to point to as an excuse to say, “I’m busy.”

You may no longer be busy, in the same way you used to… But on the inside, you are oh-so-busy — because in the limbo space between worlds, that’s when everything comes out from deep within, louder than ever before. Your thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams, “what if’s” and “how can I’s”… The never-ending see-saw.

Facing the noise of this internal inferno is exhausting. It is exhausting, because no one else can be there with you, no one else can do it for you — you must face it on your own.

But once you are here, you know you can never go back to your old life… And the only way out, is through. There is no hiding from yourself anymore.

That’s when you need to surrender to the tide and let it take you where you need to go. There is no fighting it.

This is the place, where you need deep rest… Not the kind of rest, of distractions and numbing, but the truly soul-rejuvenating rest of being and loving yourself, where you are, just as you are right now.

In this space, where you feel like you’re doing nothing… everything is shifting. Everything is rearranging itself. For you.

This limbo space, this void, is one of the most important phases of the process — between the death of your old self, and the rebirth of the new. It is necessary, it is valid, it has meaning. And it cannot be skipped.


You do not have to do anything, but surrender to the process. Be gentle with yourself, and trust this is exactly where you need to be.

Written with love,