The Magician and the Alchemist

The Magician and the Alchemist


The magician does not need to grip her manifestations so tightly, out of fear that they will not come in. The magician knows she is the creator… she knows it is all unraveling for her. And so, she walks in trust… commanding her reality, not with the whip of a dictator, but with the swift grace of a dancer.

You have already been clear about what you want. You may think you need to know exactly how it looks and the steps to get there — but this is the restlessness of the mind.

Your soul already knows what you want — and most of all, how you want to feel. Your entire life, your heart has been clarifying your vision — based on what you don’t want, and what you do want.

You do not need to clarify your vision any more. You do not need to grip your desires so tightly in your fist, as if they might slip away.

It is time to let go. Let go and dance, as if all that you desire is already yours… as if it is already coming to life around you.

Let go and dance… and time will speed up for you. It will feel like you are already there… it is already done. And it is.

THE ALCHEMIST does not question whether his lead will turn into gold. He is not afraid of the fire, of burning away the old. And when most would give up and turn away, he waits and trusts… because he knows this is where our greatest gifts are born. From the darkest depths of our challenges, from the quiet where no one is looking… our most brilliant light breaks free.

Written with love,