The See-Saw Between Doubt and Hope, the Old and New

The See-Saw Between Doubt and Hope, the Old and New

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Here's the latest post, plus an announcement that my course Create a Life Doing What You Love is open for enrollment at super early bird pricing (47% off for the first 50 people who sign up)!

Please see below for more details and the course page:

More people are yearning to create a life through ease, synchronicity, and trust instead of the old hustle and force.

The old ways are not working anymore — they are creating more exhaustion, resistance, and suffocation.

A new way is emerging — and though you’ve had glimpses of it, you wonder how to actually make this your natural state of being.

The new is whispering to you…

“You are here for more. It is safe to trust your heart. Your dreams are calling you for a reason.

Yes, it truly can get better and better.”

The old is screaming back…

“But how can it be that easy? You’re not good enough. Be realistic.

You will never be free of the struggle.”

You keep see-sawing between the old and new… endlessly going back and forth between doubt and fear, to hope and grit.

If you are on this see-saw, you are meant to keep going. Your heart is showing you the way.

When I first started off on this journey, I asked myself… “Is it possible to actually create a life doing what I love? Is it possible for me to simply be ME in this world — and thrive?”

I deeply wanted to build a life that felt seamless with who I am, but I felt paralyzed by my doubts. For ages, I felt like I was in a limbo space – one foot stuck in the old world, and one foot reaching out into the abyss… see-sawing between hope and fear.

I didn’t know when (or if) I would ever be free of that endless cycle of doubt.

With each shaky step, I walked into the abyss — and I found my trust. My joy. My freedom. I found that it IS possible to create a life doing what I love — not only as a passion project or hobby, but to BE the fullest expression of who I am. And now, it is no longer about doing… but about enjoying my life, being me… sharing my heart with the world, however I feel inspired to.

The new way is also calling you for a reason, because it is your birthright. You feel suffocated by the ways of the world because you are here to taste a new way. A new way of ease, fulfillment, and possibility — this is what you came here to experience, and so much more.

Having intense fears on this journey is completely normal. I have been there too, and there is nothing like facing your own demons and battling yourself. But these fears are coming up because you are alchemizing them. You are courageous. And over and over again, it is safe to trust the nudges of your heart. Just wait till you see the magic on the other side.

I created a course with everything I learned along my journey — everything I wish I knew when I started: the mindset shifts, energetics, inner alchemy, and practical steps that most powerfully helped me trust the new and create a life that allows me to be ME.

Enrollments are now open at SUPER EARLY BIRD pricing [50 spots]:

Create a Life Doing What You Love ~ Course and Energetic Alchemy
The New Earth Way of Living, Creating, and Thriving

This is NOT a business course, or any typical course. This is not for those who want to hustle and force their way from the mind. This is for those stepping into a new way of being… the inner alchemy of trusting and embodying your true essence, so that it can flow out into everything you touch.

Part-workshop, part-ceremony, part-energetic upgrade… Every module contains 2 videos (a workshop AND a ceremony) + bonus trainings + recorded Q&As + a new live Q&A

This is a seed I’m planting, about a new way of living — in alignment with your heart and soul… how it is possible to thrive doing what you love and being all that you are. This is just a taste of a new way — one I didn’t fully believe was possible myself. But now, I know it is the pathway forward. I know it is possible, for anyone who desires it – and it can be even better than anything you can imagine.

Enrollment is now open for the course at SUPER EARLY BIRD pricing (50 spots available at 47% off!). Sign up below, and you will immediately receive all modules. This course is self guided - do it at your own pace.

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