Why There is no Roadmap For Where You Are Going

Why There is no Roadmap For Where You Are Going

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There is no roadmap or template for where you are going, because part of this journey involves dissolving all roadmaps and templates.

You are going beyond where your consciousness has ever been before — humanity is expanding into places, dimensions, and frequencies it has never experienced — and so, you must let go of your desire to have directions to guide you or proof of what’s on the other side.

This can feel like you’re groping blindly in the dark, when all prior steps and stages in your life were easier to predict and plan.

Your journey is not just a series of physical steps anymore. It is deeply energetic. You are traveling into the depths of your being, clearing lifetimes of programs and density, feeling the intensity of higher frequencies bombarding your cells — all while old energies and trapped emotions are coming up to be released.

While the collective experiences this shift in similar waves and patterns — some aware of what’s happening, and most unaware — this journey is also deeply individual. Whatever is coming up for you, in every moment, is exactly what you’re meant to witness and experience, feel and let go.

The beautiful thing about not having a roadmap for your ascension journey is it pushes you to empower yourself into trusting exactly what you’re going through… validating your own emotions and journey… and realizing you create how you experience your life.

There is no complete roadmap, because the map is being drawn by you in every moment. You are walking into unknown territory, and your footsteps create the trail.

This journey is no longer written in the stars. It is written by you, with every breath you take.

You are going beyond the prophesies of the ancients, your incarnations in the highest dimensions, and the echoes of all existences in this multiverse.

If you feel there are few around you who are shining the light to show you the way, it is because you are the light. And in this lifetime, you chose to light the way yourself, to lead yourself… and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The light that you shine, the footsteps you leave, gives others the hope that a new way — a new world — is possible. But each must walk their own path, find their own way… and this is how humanity rises, with every soul who finds their light within.

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