The Whisper of the Heart / Awareness: A Story – A Two-Part Post

The Whisper of the Heart / Awareness: A Story – A Two-Part Post

Reality may be an illusion, and at the same time, your magical existence is real. And it’s more delicious than you could ever imagine.


What is the reason for this life, for this process of evolution and awakening, if we are all going back to the oneness we came from anyway?

Why are we experiencing life through our individual lens, these separate bodies, our unique soul’s experiences?

These are massive questions, and much beyond me. But deep down, my heart has found answers that feel soothing to me.

Even though many call this reality an ‘illusion’ — a holographic projection of your own consciousness — it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

You are real, your love is real, your soul is real. And everything you do here on Earth, in this lifetime, in this timeline, affects your soul’s expansion and the expansion of consciousness as a whole.

I wrote a short story, a bit inspired by my book, which I’ll share in the next post.


In the beginning, there was Awareness.

And Awareness, bored of simply BEING for millennia, wanted to experience itself. It wanted to experience all that it could be.

Awareness grew curious of what else it could be. It yearned to expand and experience all facets of itself, all the faces it could be.

So like a giant kaleidoscope, it shattered itself into millions of pieces. From one soul, infinite souls were born. Each colorful shard, another expression of the One.

The souls spread across the galaxies to experience life through their own lens. They evolved into beings of all kinds, some more physical, some more light — inhabiting all dimensions of creation.

They created new worlds, new realms of existence. They had children. They fought and disagreed. Most chose to express themselves as love, while others chose to experience life through hate, greed, and the abuse of power.

Awareness saw no right or wrong — simply the beauty of expansion. It relished the endless possibilities… the ecstasy of growth, change, and variety.

These beings remembered who they were and where they came from. They had so much fun experiencing themselves, creating whatever they could imagine — while also remembering the oneness of Awareness… the place where they come from, and return to, in between lives.

One day, Awareness wondered, “What would happen if I forget who I am?… What would happen if I forget the oneness that I come from?”

And the moment the thought formed, the experiment was born.

Earth became the home of the great experiment.

It was a jewel of a planet, beloved by all beings in the galaxies, with stunning landscapes and millions of expressions of life.

Earth was the perfect place for Awareness’ questions to be answered:

—What happens when the soul forgets its source?
—What becomes of creation, when it has forgotten its creator?
—Who will the souls choose to be, when they do not remember who they are?

Curiosity set the intention into motion, birthing a new type of being: humans.

In early infancy, most humans forget who they are and where they come from. Some remember, as toddlers, but their stories of their pre-birth memories are often written off as imagination.

Many lived life after life, forgetting the highest truth, the oneness, from which they had come from. Many were sleepwalking through life — numb, lost, afraid.

No matter how hard they tried, they felt unfulfilled. No matter what they achieved, it always felt like it was not enough. Something was missing.

They had difficult childhoods. They were plunged into the depths and extremes of emotion, and it was unbearable at times.

But despite all of that… they loved. They kept going. They held the flame of hope. They dreamt of a better day.

Deep in their hearts, they kept coming back to the one thing that made them feel connected. The one thing that made them think: there must be more to life than this…

Love. Their love cast a web of light across the entire planet. Love — their first instinct, human nature, soul’s essence.

There was a voice, deep within them…

“Remember who you are. Remember why you’re here. You are here for a reason.”

Their hearts asked, “What is it that I am missing?”

And so, Awareness spoke, directly to the heart of humanity. She spoke quietly but clearly, addressing any human who would listen.

“As I speak to you, remember… You are me, and I am you. I speak to you, as I speak to all of us. You came from the stars. You are love. You are eternal. You are one.”

“REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Remember your power. Remember your heart.

You are the brave ones, the bravest of the brave… You are the torchbearers of the light, the ones illuminating the path for all to come. You are here to be the love and experience yourselves as all that you are, all that you wish to be.”

And slowly, they remembered. They connected with the love inside their hearts. They remembered who they were, and why they were here.

And they were free.

Written with love,