Union: Within, and Without (The Perfect Timing of Our Wedding)

Union: Within, and Without (The Perfect Timing of Our Wedding)

OUR WEDDING was a physical manifestation of the union we had already stepped into — within, and with each other. It could not have happened a year, a month, even a day sooner than it did.

What came first, our wedding date or our inner unification? It feels like both happened in lockstep — like a wave rising to meet the shore.

Is it because we set this wedding date, that our journey into deep healing, integration, and union accelerated? Or was it always going to be this way? Our union had already happened energetically, and our wedding was a physical manifestation, a representation of that.

It does not matter either way… But I will continue to be amazed by the perfect synchronicity and timing of this universe.

Everyone’s journey is unique, but deep down, I know this is the path I have chosen. This is the experience of awakening to my full heart and soul that I have chosen.

The fullest expression of my physical union with Joel happened when I found the full union with myself — mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

It happened when Joel found full union with himself — because we have both walked each other home, side by side, from every massive step to subtle shift.

The wedding could not have happened a moment sooner — because it was never just a wedding that we chose to experience. It was sacred union, within and without… Within ourselves, and with each other.

During our union ceremony, our maid of honor and celebrant, Chrissy, guided us to close our eyes and put our hands on our hearts — one hand on our own, one on the others’.

She said, “This day is not just about marrying each other. It is about marrying your light.”

With the most beautiful piano music playing in the background, she guided us to visualize the merging of our energies… uniting as one… connecting to our future children… visualizing our life together — all the love we will share with each other, our family, and the world.

Tears streamed down my face. I could feel it all… The love, the transcendence, the union we are stepping into… the magnitude of the love streaming from our future babies… the life we are creating together. I could see it all.

Written with love,