You Are Ready for Something New

You Are Ready for Something New

This is a snippet transcribed from a spoken-word channeling I recorded.

I will send this audio note to paid members on, along with another audio note I recorded a couple days ago.

I’m really loving experimenting in this space of spoken-word messages. The words flow through me, while I’m in a relaxed and meditative state. I speak without planning (it feels like my mind takes a back-seat, simply observing).


This is changing the way you feel, the way you navigate the world. It can feel a bit strange, as everything you have been used to — seeing, knowing, feeling, even — is no longer the same as you have known your entire life… As lifetimes before.

You are feeling like there’s a blank slate. Who are you in this space? How do you navigate? Is this normal?

There is no normal anymore, for you are entering uncharted territory. Normal is a thing of the past. And it is not what you wish to experience anymore. It was getting a bit boring, or repetitive, and you are ready for something new. That something new is your own creation. Your own exploration into all that you are, and all that you wish to be.

Anything is possible here. How do you navigate? Feel your way through, moment by moment. Trust your inner guidance and heart. Find the path towards your joy in every moment. Follow your whims. Be the love that you are.

This is an existence of pure presence. Trust every moment to be complete and give you everything you need… without needing to pull in a future moment or worry about the past. Trust this moment is full, whole, complete, multidimensional. And with every step, every moment unfolds for your highest good.

There is no limitation in the present moment. You have access to infinite timelines, realities, unfoldings. And it is magical.

There is no need to worry here. Part of you is noticing the worries, the things you should be worried about — that you think you should worry about. But there is a calmness underneath, and you wonder, “Should I actually worried about this? Or is it just an echo of the past, a habit, an old fear?”

Why do you need to worry, when everything is unfolding for your highest good? It is unfolding according to your highest vision, your intention, your soul’s knowing. You are the one steering the ship. Not just your human self — but all of you. Your soul, your higher self, your everything. (You are everything).

Why would you need to worry, then? It is all perfect. And you are safe. You are held. You are loved. Where you are heading is even better, and more delicious, more incredible, than your wildest dreams.

Your abilities are unlocking quickly now, the more you remember you have access to all your gifts, wisdom, and creational abilities. And the quiet of your mind is also available… allowing you to feel more at ease, more calm, more joyful. More trusting.

This is a place you have been yearning to experience, for years. For lifetimes.

Written with love,