You're Not Lazy, You're Dissolving Your Attachment to Doing [+ Upcoming Ceremony]

You're Not Lazy, You're Dissolving Your Attachment to Doing [+ Upcoming Ceremony]

Hi everyone!

Just a personal reflection on this post below ~

I have been going through this too, and it personally feels disorienting and uncomfortable at times. My whole career and identity for years has been built around chasing dreams, making progress, and creating for the world. At the same time, my old ways and motivations are naturally shedding away — they cannot pull me the same way anymore.

To the mind, this can feel like a loss of a big part of myself. But I know that all that is truly shedding are my fears, attachments, and ways of being that do not serve me anymore. I am being nudged to trust the dissolving, knowing I am not truly losing anything.

The paradox is, when you let go, you embody more of the light that you are… you are able to create more powerfully, instantly, for the joy of it… because this is who you are. And your light can shine even more brightly, when you get out of your own way.

And our next ceremony is coming up in ~5 DAYS!

A ceremony & energetic clearing for:

— Playing with the energy of knowing you are one with everything
— Letting go of human limitation to unify all aspects of your soul
— Journeying into zero point where everything is possible
— Dissolving the separation and lack that keeps you from unity consciousness
— Magnetizing your wildest dreams from a place of limitless possibility
— Accessing deeper layers of your inner wisdom and gifts
— Seeing how everything is happening for you, through you
— Anchoring the bliss and trust of KNOWING all that you are

PAID MEMBERS can access the Zoom link as always on the Monthly Ceremonies tab here.


DATE: April 28 at 6am ET (New York) / 11am GMT+1 (London) / 6pm AWST (Perth)

45-min guided ceremony + 45-min Q&A

The recording will be emailed to all after, and it never expires!


If you'd like to purchase the one-off ceremony, you can get it here. Or, you can get the membership which gives you access to all ceremony recordings and bonus channelings for the same price of one ceremony.


You are going through a rapid phase of crumbling everything you have known and everything you have done up until now.

You may feel like you are more lazy, apathetic, as if you don’t care the way you used to, about many things that once motivated you.

You are dissolving your attachment to:

— Hustling, planning, pushing for the next goal and the next
— The urgency around creating new offerings for the sake of making progress or money
— The “savior complex” of thinking you need to save others or the world
— The idea that if you don’t do more, you’re not doing enough, that you are not enough
— Doing anything out of fear or lack

If you just focus on these symptomatic shifts, you will think, “What’s wrong with me?” It will feel like you are losing yourself, your momentum, your ability to do and accomplish at the rate you used to.

This is why it’s important to look at the new energy coming in to replace the old… because it will show you why you’re feeling this way, and why this shift is an inevitable part of your highest expansion.

The new energy is telling you:

— Everything is unfolding perfectly, and you will find the next level of your expansion when you stop hustling and controlling, and start trusting and allowing.

— Creating from a place of lack or attachment to an outcome will never bring you the same fruits as tuning into the knowing that you are a powerful creator, you are everything, and you have access to infinite abundance when you embody this frequency.

— The savior complex is rooted in lack — in seeing others as in need of fixing or lesser than. It ignores the perfection of every soul’s path and how each soul is choosing to grow in this life. Of course, it is beautiful to help those around you, and we all play a role in shining our light in this world. But the idea that you need to do more, or else the world is doomed, needs to be dissolved — it holds a bleak vision of the world and is not the truth of where we are heading.

— The innate urge to do more (to be enough, to get ahead, to prove yourself) is rooted in the idea that you are not good enough as you are. This is one of the most common wounds of humanity that is coming up to be seen and healed.

— Your fears are dissolving rapidly, especially the fear that things are not working out. Without these fears to push you, you are opening up to a new calm. But this spaciousness is disorienting to your mind, as it is used to restlessly seeking, fixing, and controlling to keep you safe your entire life.

Playing with this energy allows you to further expand your consciousness and shift your entire being. We are journeying into this in our upcoming ceremony starting in ~5 DAYS!

Written with love,