A Channeled Message from Last Week's Ceremony

A Channeled Message from Last Week's Ceremony

You are already ascended.

You came into this life, as the magnificent spark of Source that you are. You have always been ascended. It is just your human that is remembering this. In the highest dimensions, you are already ascended.

To the human, it may feel like the ascension is taking forever. It can feel frustrating at times.

“Is it really happening?”
“Why isn’t it happening faster?”
“Why is it so hard?”

You have asked yourself these questions. You are so brave, to feel it all, to keep walking forward. You have shifted so much. You have shifted immensely. Your path is so much more accelerated, than in any incarnation.

The ascension is here, and you are at the frontlines. You are anchoring it now. You have already done it.

It is just the human mind, that wants to judge, and wonder, and doubt. It is safe to honor this, and let it go.

You are safe to remember your light and receive everything you have been calling in, everything you have been asking for.

You are deep in your embodiment. You do not need to dig so deep into your old stories and patterns, and analyze everything you’re feeling. Simply observe, and let it go.

You are so connected. You are so supported. You are loved.

You are already here, and you have done it. Now is the time to receive and let in the light.

Let yourself be just a tiny bit more lighthearted. A tiny bit more compassionate with yourself. Let yourself play.

If you know you are already ascended, how would you be? If you know without a doubt you have made it, how would you savor this life? If you know without a doubt you are supported, and everything is unfolding for your highest expansion — even better than you can even plan… How would you feel?

Tune into that part of you, because you are remembering this. There is no separation now. It is all connected. You are not separate from this part of you. It is the truth of who you are — your highest light, your soul. You are walking to the other side of the veil, and here, everything is different.


You will not experience density in the way you have before. You will be able to see it all, through eyes of love. You will be able to flow, and let life flow through you, without resistance. You will be able to hold your frequency, and it will not be so hard.

You are on the cusp of everything you have been asking for, and it is already here.

This life is going to be magnificent. It will be everything you wish, and more. It is safe to believe in this and trust that this is coming for you. There is no need to fear anymore.

The Earth is shifting. The Earth is rising. And it is going to get easier to hold this frequency. Trust your heart. Trust your path.

Written with love,