Introducing the Audiobook of Awakening the Heart of Humanity!

Introducing the Audiobook of Awakening the Heart of Humanity!

In their prayers, in their hearts, humanity sent out a cry for help. With love for creation, Earth sent out the call to all beings in the multiverse, asking for volunteers to assist her and her children.

And the call was heard around the galaxies.

Loving souls from billions of star systems lined up to volunteer. They knew they could only help from the inside, so they would need to incarnate on Earth as humans and join the people, side-by-side… assisting from the ground.

It was a massive ask. The greatest honor.

To come to Earth, you knew you’d have to relinquish the memory of who you are as a soul and leave your blissful state of being. You could be gone for hundreds of lifetimes.

But there was no question. With love for your brothers and sisters on Earth, you answered the call. You, among the cascade of loving souls, signed up for life as a human on one of the densest planets in the multiverse.

AND IN LIFE AFTER LIFE, you have been burned at the stake, beaten for speaking your truth, killed for being who you are.

All of this trauma left you with a gaping hole, feeling unworthy, never good enough… Afraid of being you. In this life, you’ve criticized yourself, more brutally than anyone else. And the agony of battling yourself was unbearable at times.

But your light never stopped calling to you, from deep within…

Remember who you are.

Remember where you come from.

Be the light, and your love will heal the Earth.

These are some beloved excerpts from my book, Awakening the Heart of Humanity.

And today, after much anticipation and a YEAR in the making, the audiobook of Awakening the Heart of Humanity is finally here!!

Awakening the Heart of Humanity - The Audiobook Experience

I wanted this version of the book to carry the same energy and essence as my hardcover book. And so, I chose to read it in my voice, with love — infusing my energy into every word.

The audiobook version has 2 bonus tracks: an opening meditation by me, to allow you to drop into your heart and fully receive the book, as well as a mini closing guided ceremony to allow your intentions and love to ripple out into your life… and into the world.

There is light frequency healing music playing in the background of my spoken reading of the book, as this book is not just for the mind to absorb — it is a full-body experience for the heart to receive.


The audiobook is launching at 47% off through Tuesday! No code needed.

ALSO, the hardcover is being discounted for the first (and probably last) time ~ if you buy the audiobook, you can get the hardcover for 15% off! (Since there are limited copies printed of the hardcover, I never usually do any discounts for it).


  1. Welcome & Opening Meditation
  2. Awakening the Heart of Humanity: The Book
  3. Thank You & Closing Ceremony

Mixed and mastered by: Dahr

A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dahr (@dahrishere) for supporting me every step of the way and working your audio magic to create the highest quality sound experience. Thank you for this generous gift from your heart!


This is a journey into remembering who you are and why you’re here.

This book is a capsule, capturing the energy of this unprecedented time of global awakening… a tribute, honoring the tremendous strength and beauty of the human spirit… and an activation for the soul, as we create the golden age of the new earth.

With words that speak to your soul, this book holds a vision for humanity’s ascension and the key to awakening your heart to all the magic that you are.

Written always, with love,