Channeling the Heart - 2 Hour Ceremony & Workshop Special

Channeling the Heart - 2 Hour Ceremony & Workshop Special

Here is a heart-opening message that came through in last night's meditation...



Last night, I was feeling incredibly blissful and expansive… I intuitively felt like lying down and meditating. I put one hand on my heart, one on my belly, and breathed deeply.

I set the intention to connect directly with Source, the purest light of all that is, all that I am.

And instantly, I felt like speaking — or you could say, channeling — outloud. After a couple minutes, I decided to record what I was saying, so I could truly be in the experience without trying to remember it. Here is a snippet of the transcription (it went on for 30 minutes on a variety of topics, but this was the beginning)…

You do not need to put yourself in deep hypnosis or meditation like before to get here. Speak your intention outloud, breathe, put your hand on your heart — the connection is already there.

There was never any separation. You are learning to let go of any idea around separation, limitation, and fear. They do not serve you anymore. You are feeling what it’s like to let go of the mind. It is not hard anymore. It does not require effort or focus. It simply requires tuning into Source.

You don’t have to try to let go of the mind when you go directly to Source, where no mind exists. You do not have to try to let go of your fears, when you connect with the light of all that you are — because in that frequency, there is no fear.

You have already done the hard work in your ascension journey. You have done all the “efforting” to clear, let go, and transmute your fears. You do not need to put hard work into this part of the journey anymore.

Everything is available, everything you have been yearning for is available — by setting the intention to connect directly with Source… to connect with the light of all that you are, to remember it, to embody it. In this space, you cannot access any fear. You are instantaneously one with who you truly are. There is no separation. No limitation can exist here.

Now, it takes more effort to conceive of limitation and fear. It does not exist in your body. Any limitation or fear is just an echo of your old self — a memory. It does not exist in you anymore. It is okay to wipe the slate clean and start with this as the truth of who you are — this feeling of oneness, wholeness, and lack of separation. This is the truth of who you are. Make this your reality.

Instead of trying to connect, acknowledge your existing connection.

(End of transcript snippet)

The way I connect with my heart and channel has shifted over time. At first, it was a delicious way for me to write from the heart — without interference from the mind. And then, ideas for creations (like my book and paintings) came through in meditations — another form of channeling.

In the beginning, it felt like the guidance was coming from outside of me — as if I had to drop further into my heart and lift my frequency to meet it. Now, it feels like the guidance is a “knowing” coming from deep within me. Sometimes, it feels more quiet because it is not a groundbreaking “aha” moment — it is just a deep trust, a knowing, that is continuously in the background, every day.

I promised to do a workshop and ceremony on this topic for a while. I will share my unique take on channeling and how it is evolving as we are learn to connect directly with Source (or more accurately — remember and trust the connection that already exists).

I believe everyone can channel (and you already do, without knowing it). It is not a mystical gift — it is a natural ability we all have, and we can strengthen it with practice and trust. This is not about channeling something outside of you, but about channeling your own soul and connecting with the infinite energy of who you truly are.

It is about becoming a vessel for your light, your wisdom, your love — and letting this energy flow through you and touch everything you do.


45-minute ceremony
75-minute workshop + Q&A

A guided ceremony and workshop for:

— Learning how to channel in your unique way
— Letting go of blocks stopping you from connecting more deeply
— Connecting with Source through the portal of the heart
— Trusting the guidance you are receiving from within
— Opening up to channel creations and ideas from the heart
— Becoming a vessel for Source consciousness


There is a sliding scale for tickets. Since this is a longer special/workshop, you can choose the amount you feel called to give: ($22.22, $33.33, or $44.44 USD).

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