How it Feels to Clear the Subtle Layers of Density

How it Feels to Clear the Subtle Layers of Density

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YOU ARE CLEARING THE MORE SUBTLE LAYERS OF DENSITY, when you feel mildy low — but not as low as you used to feel.

It is okay if you’ve been feeling sad, lost, or lonely — for no great reason at all. It feels like a cloud, a mild dip in mood… but it can feel even worse if you try to search for a reason why you’re feeling like this, or if you try to fix it.

It is okay if you’ve been feeling, to any degree:

— Lonely
— Sad
— Unmotivated
— More needy
— Fatigued

Some may also be feeling a bit sick, on and off over the past many months, but it’s not a full-blown cold. It may feel more like an energetic clearing, a bit of physical purging.

It is also normal if you feel your joy is a bit dimmed… a bit harder to reach that smile in your heart, the gratitude, the higher perspective.

YOU MAY FEEL that you have so much to be grateful for objectively, but you can’t help but nitpick at what is “wrong” in your life — what is not yet here, what feels incomplete.

HOWEVER YOU FEEL IS OKAY, but it helps it know that this will pass… this will shift… it is already moving through you.

Written with love,