The Frequency of Words

The Frequency of Words

The text ~


Why do we call our work a “business” — a word that sounds like “busyness”?

Do I want to become more “busy”? Is that the energy I want behind my creations?

I’ve noticed I rarely refer to what I do here as “my business” — because it doesn’t resonate with me. Even though, technically speaking, I guess it is a business… in my heart, it is not.

It is my joy. My love. My essence, channeled into physical form. My art. My soul’s expression. My service. My natural BEING.


And yes, it is my work… and I put lots of energy, time, and heart into my work… but even “work” doesn’t feel like the aligned word anymore.

They are just words — they don’t have to have power over us.

We have the power to take back our words and infuse them with our own intentions. But at the same time, we can acknowledge the subliminal messaging that is embedded throughout our culture — in language, music, media…

This messaging affects us all — it has built the backbone of our shared beliefs as a society: what we think is “good” or “bad”… what we value… what we are unconsciously consenting to.

As we worship building businesses, are we collectively worshipping becoming more busy?

ETYMOLOGY is the study of the origin of words and changes in their meaning over time. But there is more to it than that — it is a closer look into the essence of words, the energy of words.

For example, the word “mortgage” is from Latin and Old French — and it means “death pledge.” (“Mortuus” in Latin means dead, “gage” in Old French means pledge — and it sounds like the word, “morgue.”)

They are just words — and we need them to communicate clearly. And at the same time, they are WORDS, and words are powerful.

Our words carry our intentions. They carry a frequency, an energy… they are a ‘contract’ with our reality. They tell our universe: I value this, not that… I expect this, not that… I call in this, not that.

And our reality is responding constantly to reflect our words — spoken and unspoken.

For me, I don’t want to over-police my words and become so hyper-aware that I stumble in my speech. But the words I gravitate toward, my language, my way of expression have naturally shifted over time. As I shift, my expression shifts.

Written with love,