Experimenting with How You Create Your Reality

Experimenting with How You Create Your Reality

If you want to see how you actually create your reality, experiment by changing your patterns. Change the way you respond. Choose a different response, instead of the usual reaction.

The feedback loop is almost instant these days — often, you will see the shift within 24 hours. You will see how your new response changes everything: how you feel, your perspective, and often, even the outcome.

The other day, something happened that made me feel stressed, uneasy, and unsure of what to do. (It started with a text from a family member.)

My mind started spinning in cycles of worry. And I was stuck in this for about 30 minutes. And then, I decided I had a choice.

I can take a deep breath, and choose to trust. Choose to believe this is all happening for the highest good. Choose to let go of trying to control the outcome… Even let go of figuring it out.

And deep down, I knew that the more I relaxed my nervous system into trust, the more I actually opened myself to the potential of a better pathway and outcome.

Just a couple years ago, this kind of situation was something I would worry about for days or months. But now, I know I don’t want to spend another second in wasted worry — I want to choose a new way. And so, I chose to let go and let it be for that night. I chose to trust that I would have a new perspective by morning.

The next morning, I woke up to a new text from that family member — and it completely resolved my worries. It gave us both the highest outcome and pathway — of compassion, love, and mutual understanding. It was such an easy solution, an olive branch of sorts — a complete 180 from their previous message. And I didn’t do anything to create it, except trust.

Was it a coincidence?

I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. Every time I have shifted the energy within myself — every time I have interrupted the old pattern and chosen to relax into deep trust — it truly feels like my timeline shifts. I open up to an outcome, a pathway, that is so much more easeful and beautiful.

Would I have woken up to a different sort of text if I stayed in a denser energy and worried all night — even if I didn’t change anything else? I think so.

It sounds trippy, but I truly believe there are infinite timelines and pathways branching off every moment. And our energy directs which way we go.

And this is the direct feedback loop of my universe, telling me — keep going. It is safe to trust. Keep breaking your old patterns. And you will be shown a whole new world.

I have seen this happen so many times in my life lately, I cannot doubt it anymore. This is how it works.

Written with love,