Grieving the World, Grieving Your Old Self

Grieving the World, Grieving Your Old Self

If you feel grief coming up, know that it is not just sadness from this lifetime... but all lifetimes.

This is the collective grief, needing to be purged by humanity, accumulated over lifetimes.

It has not been easy being a human on this planet. In a way, your soul was trapped in this density, repeating cycles of pain, sadness, and disappointment. It was much harder than you thought it would be. You have felt the full spectrum of human emotion, experienced pain that has left wounds on your heart.

And yet, you put one foot after the other. You found hope. You found joy. You kept believing. You loved. And that may be the greatest achievement of humanity… the mark that echoes across the stars, the story that will always be told, forevermore.

You loved, despite all of the darkness. You loved. You never truly lost sight of your light.

You are now clearing lifetimes of grief, in order to make room for more of your light.

This is not just the grief of the pain you have endured. You are also grieving the death of your old self, the world you have known, the safety you did find in the 3D realm.

You found your safety in overthinking, controlling, planning… in the structures and systems, the outer appearances of success, in external authority. In the voices of people telling you what to do, and how it is.

Now, all of that is crumbling… and you may feel a deep uncertainty around whether you will find your safety in the new world you are creating.

When everything you relied on before must be let go — the external structures and your controlling mind — what is left to hold you?

The heart is asking, “Am I safe?” Am I safe here?

Even when you feel good, more expansive, more trusting… there is a voice from within, asking, “Am I safe?”

You are safe, you are held, you are supported by the full power of the universe. And yet, you will not feel this in your bones, in the depths of your heart, in the racing of your mind — until you lean into the arms of your spirit.

This safety, this deep knowing, cannot be created through affirmations or clearing fears. The practices of the mind can only take you so far. This safety comes when you connect with the Source within. When you let it speak to you, hold you, lift you.

And you are connecting. With every day, your connection deepens. With every day, you are walking into union with yourself.


Written with love,