How to Clear the Energy

How to Clear the Energy

You are shifting from healing your past to clearing energy in the present moment.

You no longer need to reach into your past to do the deep healing work. Whatever needs to be cleared can be witnessed, felt, and released in the moment (when it comes up naturally in your day-to-day life) — and this is what shifts the energy.

For example, someone says something that upsets you. With awareness, it doesn’t take too long for you to see into the depths of why it made you feel that way, what stories and beliefs you have around it — and even whether this is an echo of the past, a trauma from childhood, an old wound.

With that same awareness, you can choose to feel that emotion fully, while being compassionate with yourself. You might need to cry, journal, or express something — and the emotion moves through.

Or, depending on the situation, you might realize this is just an old story that you’re playing out — and you can choose to shift how you view it. You can choose to respond, instead of react.

ANOTHER POWERFUL WAY TO CLEAR THE ENERGY IS BY TALKING ABOUT IT… Getting to the core of it. And this means looking deeper into yourself. Being radically honest with yourself. Being willing to admit what is really bothering you. And going deeper.

(You can also do this by “talking to yourself” through journaling.)

Joel and I have been practicing this. When something comes up (even something subtle that’s not a big deal) — we reflect. We talk, we ask questions, we go deeper. We admit how we’re really feeling. We speak up.

When we’re only skimming the surface of what’s really going on, we can find ourselves getting stuck in the mind… the periphery of the ‘issue’.

When we go deeper, get vulnerable, and soften — that’s when the energy begins to clear. Sometimes, this takes 5 minutes. Other times, an hour or more. But when it clears, it feels like we did years of alchemy in a moment. It feels so good. And it is so worth it.

In that present moment, you clear the energy. The wound CAN heal, if you choose it, much more easily than ever before. You might even be able to see more deeply into the origins of it.

From one perspective, you are still healing every time you clear the energy. But the healing can now happen in the moment, whenever heavy emotions arise — and the process feels more intuitive, spontaneous, and natural.

Instead of needing to put all this effort into digging up your past to heal, you are becoming more aware and observant of the micro-moments in your daily life, when you come out of alignment with who you are.


When you notice yourself having thoughts that are out of alignment with your heart’s truth (ie. fears, worries, reactions, frustrations, etc) — it is getting easier to see it happening in the moment. And CHOOSE a new thought. A new way. A new trust.

Side note:
This is NOT about suppressing your true emotions in the moment (they are totally valid). To clear the energy, it often requires becoming aware of the core of the heavy emotion/belief/thought — allowing yourself to feel it fully and be WITH it — and then, you can choose to let it go if you are ready.

Written with love,