If You Are Feeling Sad for no Clear Reason

If You Are Feeling Sad for no Clear Reason

You may also notice, if you have reasons to be sad, it can be more heightened than usual.



Waves of melancholy and grief are being purged throughout the collective.

It is a strange sensation, to feel that aching in your chest -- a familiar sadness — without any clear reason or cause.

It may come out of nowhere, or just in the evenings… it may feel like you’re blanketed by a gloomy mood, even if things are going well in your life.

Your heart may feel softer, more tender, more affected by little things.

And at the same time, you may be feeling a collective emotion that is not actually yours… it is only being reflected, and moved, through you.

If you notice yourself feeling a certain way, without clear cause or reason, ask yourself:

— Is this (emotion) mine?
— Does it need to be felt and seen?
— Am I ready to let it go?
— Can I be a vessel, to allow it to pass through?

You might find that you are not yet ready to let it go. Intuitively, you might sense that you need to give it more space to be seen and felt. You might need to give it your full awareness. And then, you may feel it moving through — ready to be let go.

You can imagine yourself letting it all go, as if this heavy energy is being pulled out of your being — through your fingertips, through the bottoms of your feet — and back out to the earth, to be transmuted with love.

Declare outloud: “I let go.”

Written with love,