Jumping into the Great Unknown

Jumping into the Great Unknown

AT SOME POINT, WE WILL NOT NEED CHANNELED MESSAGES. We will remember that we are vessels of light… We are wisdom, we are information, we are love. We will not need to try to bring these messages forward — we will simply walk in the knowing.

The channeling is for the joy, the expansion of the heart, the remembrance. You do not need to memorize the words, the information — for they are not outside of you. Simply feel the energy, and allow it to reflect the essence that you are.

A part of me is afraid to discover what lies beyond the mental concepts… what happens when I let go of all thoughts, preconceptions, identities… and dissolve into the vastness of all that is.

I am afraid of stepping outside the safety of all that I think I know… to stop navigating this life, through the mind… but to wholly feel it energetically until I become one with it… until I simply AM. Without thought or desire, past or present.

There should be no fear, because this is where I come from… this is who I am, when I step outside of who I think I am.

It is human to fear everything you think you cannot grasp, understand, or control.

Despite the fear, something deep inside keeps beckoning you forward… What else is out there? What else?

It is time to jump into the great unknown… And not just the unknown that you have conceptualized — but the unknown beyond that. The place where no consciousness has gone before, the place that has no name.

Written with love,