Pondering the Big Life Questions ~ Our Quantum Reality

Pondering the Big Life Questions ~ Our Quantum Reality

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Written in London!


Last night, we had dinner with Joel’s old friends from Montreal in London, and I got to meet them and their child for the first time. It was a homey Italian restaurant, and sometime during dinner the owner burst into song along with the music, dancing joyously with one of the waiters.

And at our table, we were chatting about the quantum universe and the nature of reality.

Joel’s friend has his PHD in Physics and is conducting his research at Oxford.

He is passionate about quantum theory and mechanics, and when he talks about his research, it almost sounds like he’s talking about spirituality. Well, they are one and the same — because I see spirituality as just an edge that science hasn’t fully explained yet. Or, it is another language, and lens, for seeing the world.

Now, he is working on various research problems and gaps in science, exploring the big life questions that have not yet been scientifically answered.

To do this, to venture outside of the box of what we know, we must be open to the unknown. An openness to spirituality, to philosophy, creates a depth of inquiry that cannot be reached when just looking from the lens of hard science.

(I am not a scientist, so I’ll use my own language…)

Why does reality appear so solid, when quantum theory tells us there’s no one reality — only infinite versions of me, and you, and all things scattered in space?

It is all an exploration of consciousness, isn’t it?

He’s a fascinating guy, and the way he sees the world is very grounded, open-minded, and soulful. He was not trying to prove his intelligence or press his beliefs — he was just open and curious, wanting to hear what big spiritual questions we have been pondering ourselves.

He even said some things are not meant to be analyzed, labeled, and put in a box… they are too big for that. They are meant to be embraced with wonder and mystery.

I’ve never been really into science, but quantum physics, when explored in a grounded and easy-to-understand way, is fascinating to me. Only, I don’t call it quantum physics. I call it spirituality and consciousness.

When I first went through my awakening, I needed to make sense of it all — first through the understanding of my mind. I needed to confirm and validate the inner shifting of everything I thought I believed about the world being turned upside-down.

In that first year, I actually read over 50 books.

Continued from my Instagram post:

Some, about the journey of the soul and experiences between lives. Many, about quantum theory and the multiverse. Channeled texts, ancient wisdom, classic books on energy and manifestation. Wild books about near-death experiences and communicating with spirits. I devoured it all. And piece by piece, it all clicked in a way where I could no longer doubt or deny my own inner hunches.

I was intensely curious about this universe, this reality, my own consciousness, the collective human experience.

How does it really work?

Is it safe for me to trust the deep resonance and inexplicable inner knowing that come through when I ponder the quantum nature of the soul and this reality?

Okay, say there are infinite timelines, realities, and possibilities. How do we actually shift, from one to the other? How do we shift what we perceive and experience? How do our beliefs and energetic frequency shape our outer experience?

If there are infinite versions of me, who is this ME that is experiencing this life now? If I am not even this name, this body, this lifetime, then who am I? Who am I?

The big questions are asked in a million different ways across space and time.

In a way, we are all asking ourselves these questions.

Who am I? Why am I here? Is there more to life than this?

Many true scientists who want to expand upon our understanding of reality are exploring this, from their lens. Maybe someday, we will have a lot more answers that are widely accepted.

I also believe that to truly feel and know what exists beyond the constraints of the mind, we must lean into spirituality. We cannot understand everything through the mind… But we can feel it, and know it, through our hearts.

You are also a creator of this reality, the reality you perceive, your universe — and in the same way, you cannot create it through the mind. You create the unknown, the previously thought impossible, the miraculous, through your heart.

Maybe the fact that we don’t know, the fact that this reality is so much more fluid and multilayered than meets the eye, brings wonder and divinity to this human experience.

Would we be open to the divine, if we had all the answers calculated from day one of human existence?

Would we be pushed to journey into the depths of our own consciousness and hearts, if there was no curiosity or mystery?

Lean into your spirituality. It is not fluffy, woo-woo, or crazy. It is the leading edge of consciousness. It is YOU. It has always been you.

Here are some photos of our travels lately.

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