The Accidental First Latte in 5 Years that Gave Me a Taste of the New Earth

The Accidental First Latte in 5 Years that Gave Me a Taste of the New Earth

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This is a long-form post that is too long to share on Instagram, so I didn't share it there. This is part of my new writing series called New Earth – intimate musings on daily life, love, dreams, and travel – embodying and bringing through the frequency of the New Earth, now.

Many of the posts in this series will be free for all subscribers, and I will post some of the more longer/intimate/personal ones privately for my paid members. You will be able to browse through the posts as I add to this series on here.
This post below is the first of this series! I take you through a day in my life on our travels – but really this post is about synchronicity, anchoring the New Earth frequencies, shifting timelines, my musings on working while traveling, abundance, and a whole lot more. What I love about sharing personal stories is, you can draw from them whatever you want, and you may be surprised what ends up touching your heart and staying with you... it may be something big, or seemingly insignificant.

Get comfortable, relax, grab a tea (or a latte, haha!) ~ and enjoy!

The Accidental First Latte in 5 Years that Gave Me a Taste of the New Earth

This week, I (accidentally) had coffee for the first time in 5 years. And little did I know, this little latte set off a chain of events that led to one of my favorite synchronistic days.

I’m in Corfu, Greece now, and I’ve been spending my mornings writing from different cafes. On this particular day, I went to a cafe and ordered an iced pistachio latte because it was listed under the matcha latte — expecting it to be more like a nutty matcha latte. (I've been into pistachio gelato at the moment, and I wasn't really thinking.)

The first sip was full COFFEE… and this was a big whoops for me as I’m kind of proud of my 5-year streak without coffee, something I chose to let go of and replace with matcha and cacao. But instead of frowning about ordering the wrong drink, I enjoyed every sip and decided that this would be the day I get to enjoy a coffee. (*See the bottom for my side note on why I chose to quit coffee in the first place.)

And with something that small, I felt a little naughty, a little self-indulgent… pleased that I let myself enjoy the drink without resistance.

I was feeling good, buzzed, and right there, I decided: “Today, my intention is to walk in deep appreciation of every moment.” No resistance. No rushing. Openness, even, and especially, with the unexpected.

To me, appreciation is a bit different from gratitude. Appreciation feels lighter in a way, even the energy of the word itself — it is a state of being, of bringing light to every moment, of openness. Gratitude is beautiful too, but it feels a bit heavier — like something you have to remember to have, or specific to naming certain things you’re grateful for. Appreciation just is.

When I returned to our accommodation, Joel was in the middle of his morning yoga. I knew it may be another hour or so before he’d be ready to leave for our day. Normally on our travels, I start getting antsy to start our day together (and hangry for lunch 😂), but I thought — today, I will choose to appreciate this moment and be here now. I finished some more writing and picked up a book to read. There was no rush. No hunger, even.

As we walked through the old town to lunch, I gleefully announced my intention to Joel. We both vibed off each other’s good moods (and I think me being relaxed and not rushing him also helped his)… just smiling at the world, chatting, walking through the world with appreciation.

(I know it’s way easier to hold this frequency while traveling, but this is exactly why I wanted to use this chapter as an opportunity to play with it and really embody it in my being).

This was the first day on our travels where we really set an intention in the morning. Every other day, we truly enjoyed ourselves — but between feeling tired from the flights, mild jet lag, eating heavier foods — we kind of let the days take us, instead of taking the day. If that makes sense. We had a blast, but we got a bit more easily frustrated when mishaps happened (like being dropped off at the wrong accommodation in Paris at midnight after 30 hours of flights and travel, with no cell service).

It's totally okay to feel frustrated – any emotion is welcome, and it's better to feel it honestly instead of suppressing it. This is not about rejecting our emotions or the truth of how we feel. But, it is about not getting lost to the emotion, to whatever chaos is happening. It is about staying conscious. Remembering to breathe, and come back to the heart... gently coming back to the higher perspective, the trust – the truth of your higher self that knows you are safe, and everything is unfolding perfectly.

Today, we were seizing the day with wide, open arms. And it felt different. To everyone on the outside, it would look like nothing has changed — but I felt different. More present, more giddy, more trusting of every moment. Relaxed in the now.

[Also, to clarify: It wasn’t (primarily) the coffee that shifted my frequency — it was me, choosing to respond with joy instead of disappointment for getting the “wrong” drink, when led to a chain of events, my intention for the day, and experiences that followed…]

And everything flowed (even when it didn’t).

The restaurant we wanted to go to for lunch was closed, so we walked around and found an even better one — and there, we had one of the tastiest dishes so far in Greece.

We realized we needed to find an ATM — and lo and behold, there was one right next to the restaurant.

Joel also wanted to find fresh orange juice (his daily hydration), and of course — there was a juice shop right next to the ATM.

Everything we needed, in one place.

We were planning to rent a scooter for our time on Corfu, to see the more remote parts of the island. When Joel checked the maps for the scooter place he bookmarked, he saw it was closing at 2pm. It was 1:59.

We tried calling a few others, and they were either closed or didn’t answer.

This was another junction where I had the opportunity to interrupt my usual pattern of getting frustrated and feeling like we were wasting our day.

A motto that helps during times like this is: “This, or something better.” If this is falling through, we are meant to be experiencing this — so something better can come in. And it is.

We found another place 30 minutes away that rents scooters and ATVs and decided to walk to it. We chatted excitedly the whole way.

I shared with Joel about how this walking-in-appreciation intention is shifting my frequency — and it is having an effect on my thoughts and what I believe is possible.

For example, I noticed one of my limiting beliefs is: “When I travel, my business slows down." Or bluntly, to say what I really mean: “I can’t sustain my income when we travel.”

I believe this because of evidence from previous trips, when I spent more time offline, not creating and sharing as much — and my income dropped significantly. Some of that was intentional and expected (for example, I wanted to take time off the weeks before and after our wedding). But for THIS trip, my intention is to create, be inspired, and work while we travel. I don't want it to be just a holiday.

Money has never been my highest focus in what I do, because what I do has never felt truly like "work." And if it was, I would be prioritizing and doing so many things differently. My creations have always been about my soul's joy, who I want to BE, what my heart yearns to create... choosing the life I want to live – the balance and expansion I want to experience.

At the same time, I have worked hard on my money and abundance story (growing up with a lack mindset, this was a big one for me to shift), and I'm always actively working on shining a spotlight on any subconscious, subtle, limiting beliefs that no longer have to be true. I am always working on freeing myself from my own perceived limitations.

[If you'd like to hear more about this, paid members can watch my ceremony recording on Opening to the Flow of Abundance here - it was by far my most popular ceremony and Q&A. If you're not a member, you can get it here.]

It's not really about the money. It's about freeing myself from the invisible pressure and weight around it, the fear of falling behind, the feeling that I have to do more to sustain our lives, future family, and big dreams... the awareness that it has been a big year of spending for us, between our wedding and travels. But instead of feeling pressure and weight, I want to feel empowered, relaxed, and easeful around money.

I have been feeling more and more empowered and trusting. I have shifted so much around this. But, I still carry these limiting beliefs of what it has to be like – stories, telling me: "This is how it is."

When I’m in a lower frequency, and I think about this belief (“I can’t sustain my income when we travel"), it feels more like a fact. A heavy weight. A pressure to fix it. From this place, every idea I come up with feels heavy, like I am trying to force it.

But this time, in this higher frequency of appreciation and possibility, I noticed myself naturally having more abundant and open thoughts, without trying.

Thoughts like…

“Wouldn’t it feel great to not only sustain my income, but make more money while traveling?”

“It’s totally possible to do this while also having fun and enjoying our travels.”

“What if I prove my own belief wrong?”

And this opened up a flood of ideas throughout the day — NOT coming from a place of “I need to make money,” but from a place of excitement. Oh my God, I want to create this. Wow, that would be so fun. And even — wow, me and Joel can create this — we are already doing it on our own.

And even simpler, easeful ideas of repurposing and sharing all the goodness I have already created that people may not know about (like another special enrollment period for my course). Remember – people don't know it exists unless you talk about it, share it, tell them about it.

In this higher frequency, I was in a state of trust. There was no pressure to create anything — and I didn’t feel the weight of needing to sustain my income. I just trusted. I just knew it's all working out perfectly. And this is the frequency that opened me up to pure excitement — a zest for life, for what I truly want to create next, and this permission to fully enjoy our experiences now without guilt or worry.



Joel reflected, “We have been taught to look at it all backwards… thinking we need to change or fix our reality when we’re not happy about something, instead of first shifting our frequency.”

From a lower frequency, you can only reach a certain frequency of thoughts, ideas, and possibilities. It can seem like there are no other solutions, and any idea that comes through feels hard.

From a higher frequency, what felt impossible (or taken as fact) in the lower frequency suddenly feels possible. You instantly access a new wave of higher-frequency thoughts, ideas, and possibilities. It is a whole new reality.

It is much harder to "try" to reach for more trusting and expansive thoughts, ideas, and possibilities when you're not feeling good. So first, focus on filling your cup, coming back to the heart, feeling good in your being. I've found that the fast-track to this can be appreciation, because appreciation zaps you into the present moment. Appreciation, even of the things that you're feeling challenged by – because they are a gift, helping you expand – helping you to get to this shift in frequency and perspective.

Appreciation interrupts the pattern and allows you to embrace, instead of resist, the moment – even your challenges.

With that, we arrived at the rental place.

With Joel’s license, we could rent either a little 50cc scooter or a big road-licensed ATV (the ATV was a bit more expensive). But with the scooter, we would travel slower (especially if we wanted to go up the hills) and probably not get as far.

I truly believe that in another reality, we would choose the scooter to be more practical and save money.

But this was right after our conversation on abundance and possibility — and we were vibing.

How fun would it be to ride the ATV around the island? We’ve never done that before. And we haven’t done an excursion or activity on our travels yet — it’ll be an adventure, not just for transport. This is our honeymoon! Let’s do it.

So we did, and because of the ATV, we were able to spontaneously go to a far seaside town on the island called Arrilas that our friend recommended. We drove through the stunning hills, honking and waving at every other couple on an ATV that passed by.

"This is good fun!!" Joel exclaimed multiple times as he drove.

We spent the late afternoon swimming in the ocean, grabbing a smoothie, browsing the little shops, and by dinnertime, we stumbled upon a cute restaurant owned by a married couple. It was low season and empty, so the owner spent lots of time chatting and joking with us. When he heard we were on our honeymoon, he even offered to take photos of us — not just one obligatory photo, but he went full-photographer and had us stand at various places around the restaurant and posed us! 🤣

Before we left, he offered us a free shot. 😜 We don't drink anymore (that's another story), so we opted for a non-alcoholic shot of 0.0 Muscat.

What a day — and it all started with an unexpected latte.

It was our favorite day of our trip so far, not only because of what we did – primarily because of how we felt. The magic and synchronicities sprinkled throughout the day, the friendliest interactions, the nicest people we met… a shimmering new reality made possible by our shift in frequency.

Another day, showing us how immediate the feedback loop is, between our frequency and the reality we experience… how WORTH IT it is, to breathe appreciation into each present moment… how this can be the fast-track to shifting your frequency, because appreciation brings you into the present moment, into your heart. And how this shift in frequency can change the entire experience and timeline of the day.

Every day, I hope to play with this more… anchor it into my being… so that appreciation becomes my natural state, my first thought.

This is how we learn to embody. This is how we bring through the New Earth in every moment, through our hearts. This is how we shift the world.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading. Thank you so much for letting me into your lives. If you enjoyed this read, please comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

[*Side note on the coffee: I chose to quit coffee when I first arrived in Bali in 2018, for many reasons. One, because I knew I was addicted and I didn’t really like my sensitivity to the buzz. Two, I was eating more alkaline and didn’t want as much acidity in my diet. Three (and probably the biggest reason why), there were too many mouthwatering drink options on the cafe menus in Ubud — from juices, to ceremonial cacao, to matches and chai — I had no trouble replacing it with something equally tasty to me.

I still don’t feel like drinking coffee regularly, but since that delicious latte in Greece, I feel I’ll indulge in quality lattes maybe a few times a year. We’ll see. I hadn’t touched coffee until now because I feared I’d get addicted again after one sip (having cold brew coffee on tap at my office back in Silicon Valley really got to me)… But this week, I saw that I can be a little less strict with my ‘rules’ and let myself enjoy things — and no, I’m not addicted again!]

Here are some photos of our adventure.

I love this long-form format. It really allows me to expand into multiple threads of thought and reflections. It feels more intimate and multidimensional at the same time.

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