The Next Edge of Your Ascension

The Next Edge of Your Ascension

Hello from Greece!

During my travels, I'll be bringing you new writing inspired by the energy of my experiences on these magical lands around the world.

We have forgotten to celebrate the HUMAN that is ascending.

Without the human, this ascension on Earth could never occur. It is the HUMAN that has walked through the darkest depths of pain and challenge that could ever exist on a planet. It is the HUMAN that has chosen to love, over and over again.

Often, this ascension is spoken of in ways to separate the human from the ascension.

I have sometimes said it like this too… “Oh, that’s your human side.” As if your human side is separate from your soul — as if it’s weaker. But it is not weak. It is magnificent.

This ascension is not about separation — it is about unification. Integrating all aspects of ourselves, unifying within and without.

It is the HUMAN in you that has endured and risen — it is your human that has gotten you to where you are today.

You are human, and so much more. You are a soul. AND you are human.

For a while, I’ve found myself standing at the edge of another abyss — comfortable with where I am now, wondering “What’s next?” — feeling like there’s something new coming, yet not knowing what it is.

Specifically, it has been around my writing. More than ever before, my writing feels like it’s coming from a deep inner knowing — my own reflections, experiences, and musings… not as often the the grand “aha” moments I felt like I was receiving before. But this is a good sign — we are all shifting into this direction, from feeling like we are receiving everything from outside of us to trusting and accessing the wisdom within.

The guidance feels quieter — because it is. There is no longer any guidance you can reach outside of you that is not already integrated or embodied within, because your consciousness has expanded to this place of being connected to it all and JUST KNOWING.

You are remembering that you have known the answers all along — you are now able to access more parts of yourself, your soul, that remembers. And from here, you realize the guidance was never coming from outside of you. It was you — you, and you, and you. You and your higher self. You and other aspects of your soul. You and Source. You and You.

In my yearning to reach for “What’s next,” I had a massive blind spot. I was thinking I need to reach for more profound insights, new edges in my channeling, new realizations. Looking for more, I was missing what is here and now — right in front of me, in my lived experience.


The paradox is, all the gold — the greatest ahas, breakthroughs, and realizations are right here, in your human day-to-day experiences. The events may look trivial from the outside, but the most profound shifts are happening within, AS YOU LIVE THEM.

LIFE IS THE GREATEST TEACHER. Through life, you transform concepts into knowings… you move from thinking, to feeling, to EMBODYING.

Life — literally what you’re going through RIGHT NOW — gives you everything you need for your highest learnings, expansion, and path. Everything you need is here in this moment. If you look deeper, you will find golden nuggets everywhere. If you see them with appreciation, they will multiply. Your entire life will be rich — shining, shimmering, moment after another of gold.

And this is the next edge of ascension: Bringing your full soul into this life, to live AS your soul, in every human moment.

Written with love,