The Dance Between Doing and Being, Masculine and Feminine

The Dance Between Doing and Being, Masculine and Feminine

Side note ~ one thing I forgot to mention is – it's still a dance between the two (doing and being, masculine and feminine) – but as you harmonize and integrate the poles, it becomes more natural, intuitive, and unified within you.

IT TAKES A GREAT UNLEARNING to unplug your consciousness from the artificial pace of the world — of rushing, hustling, forcing.


For a while, it can feel like you MUST slow down, you must go inward — or else, you will burn out completely. There may be seasons (days, weeks, months) where you feel no desire to do anything — you are too exhausted, but you aren’t “doing” much… you don’t know why even the simplest things feel harder.

This is because everything is shifting within you. Your brain is rewiring, your consciousness is expanding, your DNA is upgrading... all of this takes an enormous amount of energy. Metaphorically, you are going through a full reset of your operating system AND body — and so, you need to re-learn how to navigate the world and BE.

The first focus is BEING. Going inward, slowing down, unlearning the need to be productive to be good enough. Quieting the noise out there in order to hear the voice within.

If you have been too focused throughout your life on the masculine energy of DOING — this is an invitation into the feminine way of BEING.

And then, after what may feel like lifetimes of learning how to feel relaxed in the slowness of being (because at first, you will resist it, judge yourself through it, and think you are stuck) — you will feel the tide shift.

You will start to feel inspired, moved to create. Wanting to create — from the pure place of the heart, for the joy of creating, the pull to be of service to your soul and to the world.

This time, it is no longer the restless DOING of the mind, the push to be productive, to prove yourself, to be good enough. It is CREATING from the heart — through inspired action, flow, and synchronicity. It is about being moved into action by your soul.

When you are serving from the soul, connected to your heart, creating from love — there is an infinite well of inspiration, inner guidance, and motivation. You are connected to your WHY — your reason for being. And this is what moves you, in every moment.

The soul will guide you to act when you need to act. Rest when you need to rest. Trust when you need to trust. Every action (even those that look like inaction) is perfectly orchestrated to allow each step to unfold — even better than you can plan. And this is when you know you are co-creating with your soul. You are living AS your soul.

Written with love,