The Simplest Way to Open Up to Your Clarity and Gifts

The Simplest Way to Open Up to Your Clarity and Gifts

When you feel like there's no message or insights coming through, often the message lies in exactly what you're struggling with now.



You do not necessarily need to “do more” to unlock your gifts — you just need to get out of your own way and create spaciousness for the gifts that are already alive in you to make themselves known.

I’ve been traveling through Tokyo this week — exploring and eating, walking and talking — from one crowded train station to the next. It is a highly sensory, delicious experience — and it has grounded me very much into my body, into this 3D world.

I haven’t had the spaciousness yet to slow down and tune in. The messages aren’t coming through like usual. And most of you know, I never force my writing. If I don’t feel inspired, if I don’t feel that little nudge, I don’t write.

Of course, there’s inspiration and beauty all around me in this stunning country. But what I mean here is, I have been out of touch with the feeling of receiving messages for myself, for the collective — that excitement I have gotten so accustomed to, of translating spirit into written form.

I thought I had nothing to say today. But finally, when I had some spaciousness in the shower when we returned to our room this evening at 10pm, the message came. And it was simply about exactly this — the difficulty I’m having with writing, right now.

It is difficult to receive clarity, ‘downloads’, and insights into your gifts when you are immersed in the 3D reality of “doing” one thing after another. You may try to create some spaciousness, but if your mind is racing, you are still very much rooted in the 3D.

Higher frequency thoughts, ideas, and activations can only reach you when you create spaciousness to receive.

Most people are rooted in the 3D reality of doing and rushing, thinking and forcing. When they are here, they wonder why the clarity won’t come… What they need to do to improve… How to discover their purpose and gifts.

When the outer reality is your priority, the inner world feels pretty quiet — it is difficult to see the beauty that is available to you, until you slow down and tune in. It is difficult to see that you are already being guided, that you are gifted, that you are enough.

Most of my life, I made my outer reality the priority. It was only in the last few years, that I created spaciousness in my life to make ‘tuning in’ to my soul my priority. In my life at home, I do create spaciousness, at least in my mornings, to tune in. Even if it’s ten minutes one day, or twenty minutes the next. An hour, or four. I am blessed to have created spaciousness around simplifying what I do — but it has taken hard work and intention to achieve this, too.

Somehow, over the years, I have established this truth within myself… Slowing down just enough to hear my higher self — this is a priority. Creating spaciousness, at least to open to any inspiration that wants to come through, is a priority. Writing is a priority, only because it is a joy of mine.

We’re having a blast in Japan — it is one of my favorite places on Earth, and I’m enjoying the magic of being human… the playground of all the experiences to be had. It is not a bad thing, to be immersed in this 3D realm. But no matter how amazing it is, my soul will always crave more… it will always beckon me back, to tune in, to  harmonize my outer experience with my inner world.

Written with love,