There is No Answer in the World Out There

There is No Answer in the World Out There

I feel like this should be a spoken word poem. 😄


YOU GREW UP, thinking this is life. Concrete jungles, living in boxes… depression and pills, rejection and bills… the drone of society and your own inner voice, telling you: You are nothing, you are alone, you are not good enough.

But this artificial construct is not life. Life is nature, life is sunshine, life is the organic template that has been here eons — since before time, before all the mental constructs.

Look to nature, and you will see the truths of life. Not the ideas from the concrete jungle you have taken as truths… but the real truths of the universe, the truths of your soul.

Life is giving. Life wants to support you. Life rebirths itself.

Life is plentiful, free, miraculous… Life tells you: You are whole, you are connected, you are enough.

Are you looking to the world out there, to decide who you are inside?

Which world are you looking at? The concrete jungle, the artificial matrix, the world that billions believe is the only one possible? Or… Mother Earth, the organic matrix, the world that whispers to you in your heart?

And she whispers… “Let life support you.”

Which one is your truth, which one are you making more real to your mind, body, and soul?

The artificial matrix is crumbling; it is bursting at the seams. The whispers of your heart have been asking it, over and over… “Isn’t there more to life than this?” — and it is failing to answer you.

There is no answer in the old world you have known that can satisfy the call of your heart.

You see the sleepwalking world out there and say, “This doesn’t feel right. This doesn’t feel real.”

So… what is real?

Millions alongside you are now searching outside of the box, searching the depths of their soul, finding answers they never dared to believe before.

Day by day, your thoughts are changing, opening up to the whispers of nature, your heart, the universe.

Maybe, just maybe…

Life wants to support me.
I choose to let life support me.
Life is supporting me.

I am life.

And this is more real than anything out there, anything you have been told:

I am life.

I am whole. I am connected. I am enough. I am.

Written with love,