What is the Purpose of this Journey of Expansion?

What is the Purpose of this Journey of Expansion?

Inspired by a question someone asked in the comments...


I believe that as souls, we came into this life to experience all that we are — and all that we can be. We came here, because we wanted to experience WHO WE ARE through infinite lenses. Infinite timelines, perspectives, dimensions, ways of being… We came here, perhaps, to remember who we are — to remember ourselves as LOVE — but we wanted to experience our own unique, embodied, journey into that remembering.

Even though this journey of constant shifting and expanding can feel exhausting at times, it is nothing compared to the exhaustion of feeling BORED for lifetimes, if change or expansion did not exist as an experience.

You exist in a universe of constant change. You are always expanding, whether you are aware of it or not. Even when you think you’re contracting, you are expanding.

You are expanding at an individual level, and you are also expanding as a humanity. It is all one; it is connected.

In this lifetime, you are experiencing expansion at a rate never felt before — and this is the awakening, the ascension, of your species. This is the ascension of your body, your consciousness — anchoring the higher dimensions as one. And this has never happened before, in this way.

From one perspective, the purpose of everything you have experienced — everything you are going through — is your ascension. And the ascension of humanity.

It is to free yourself from everything you have known, to awaken to all that you are. It is to pave a new path, a new way of being, a new Earth.

It is to change the trajectory of life on Earth, to unify all the parts of yourself that you have viewed in separation, to bring it all into oneness through your heart — so that you can see and know, from the vantage point of this life, what you have always known as a soul. You are infinite. You are powerful. You are magical.

And why did you come here to Earth, to choose to experience this?

For many reasons. Simply to have the experience. The embodied experience of this journey, this knowing, ripples out into the collective consciousness… into all of energy… across all dimensions, time, and space… throughout the entire multiverse. It changes consciousness, forevermore.

You came here, because you wanted to, as a soul. Otherwise, you would not be here.

You came here, because you were ready for this experience. Hungry to taste it. Yearning to live it.

You came here, not just for your expansion and awakening — but to create the new Earth. To shatter all limitations and create the most magical existence possible from the grand love in your heart.

You came here to have fun, to play, to see how good it can be. After lifetimes of suffering, lifetimes of struggle, you wanted to experience the opposite of the spectrum — you wanted to see how good it can be.

Written with love,