You Don't Need to Work Hard to Make Progress - A New Way

You Don't Need to Work Hard to Make Progress - A New Way

Considering a new perspective can change your life.

I have definitely not mastered this myself… I rely a lot on my mind and ‘hard work’ because this is all I’ve known, and it has served me well in life.

But more and more, I’m getting glimpses of what it’s like to create with ease… to channel instantly… to rely on my frequency and vision to call in my dreams — and do much less “work” in the physical to bring it in.

It is getting easier for all of us, the more we dare to believe there’s another way.



This is a deeply conditioned, programmed, limiting belief that may have felt true until now — but it doesn’t have to be your truth, going forward.

The belief that the only way to make progress is by working hard is so deeply embedded in our psyche, and reinforced by our past life experiences, that it feels like fact… it may even anger you if someone tells you it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if it’s possible to have things come in with more ease and flow?

What if it’s possible to make the greatest leaps and bounds when you are aligned and your cup is full?

There’s a difference between working hard through struggle, and taking inspired action — you can accomplish tremendous amounts of progress with the latter, but the experience feels totally different.

Also, let’s unpack the word “progress”… Sometimes, in rushing to work hard, you may be making great progress — but it is in a direction that is not truly aligned with where you actually want to go. Often, it requires slowing down into stillness to first see clearly and re-evaluate your path.

All creations require effort and action — but what if it doesn’t have to feel “hard” — what if it can feel inspired, energizing, easy?

What if you don’t have to do it all through hustle and grit? If you get out of your own way, the universe can meet you and show you how truly supported you are.

What if your dreams cannot be forced — and you are learning to trust, allow, and receive?

What if the greatest shifts happen when you’re most calm, surrendered, and at peace within yourself?



Hard work has gotten me far in life — in both school and my career in Silicon Valley. It has given me gifts and growth, and I’m not discarding it ungratefully.

In my life now, I still work hard — in the sense that I am constantly putting in effort, thinking, writing, and creating daily… And it does feel hard, especially when I am not in a place of trust and flow within myself. It is especially hard, when I am doing tasks that I find heavy and expect to be hard. But even when I may be tired, this path feels fulfilling at a soul level — and this gives me energy.

I have also experienced the vast difference between creating from the mind, and creating from the heart.

When I am in my heart space, the ideas and words flow, before I even register that I’m thinking them… I have written an entire book in this state, where it felt like I collapsed time… I have experienced opportunities come in, before I realized my heart was asking for them… And it showed me that a new way of being, of creating, of living exists — one of ease, synchronicity, and grace. The effortless creation of the soul.

In our next ceremony (in 3 days!) we’ll explore what it’s like to channel from the heart, trust your inner voice and creations, let go of blocks, and put yourself in a state of deep ease and trust.


45-minute ceremony/meditation
75-minute workshop + Q&A

A guided ceremony and energetic shift for:

— Learning how to channel in your unique way
— Letting go of blocks stopping you from connecting more deeply
— Connecting with Source through the portal of the heart
— Trusting the guidance you are receiving from within
— Opening up to channel creations and ideas from the heart
— Becoming a vessel for Source consciousness

Some topics we’ll address:
— How to recognize when you’re channeling vs. your brain making it up
— How to ground / stay clear in your own energy
— How to develop channeling abilities and unblock yourself
— How to create from the heart + infuse your creations with love
— Tuning into visions for what to create and your path
— How to trust your own voice and guidance
— My personal experience with channeling, how I started
— What worked for me
— What kind of messages am I getting
— How I use this guidance to serve my daily life life
— My experience channeling my spirit babies

When you strengthen your connection to your soul, you will:
— Find more peace and trust on your path
— Receive guidance and answers on the questions you have
— Open up to messages about yourself, life, and the collective
— Strengthen your intuition and gut “knowings”
— Find clarity and discern your truth from the noise out there
— Open your heart to more love, joy, and peace
— Experience more ideas, opportunities, and synchronicities
— Receive inspiration on what to do or create
— Create and manifest with more ease and flow
— Strengthen your imagination and attunement to energy
— Explore other dimensions, timelines, and possibilities


DATE: May 21 6pm AWST (Perth) / 11am GMT+1 (London) / 6am ET (New York)

You can watch the recording afterward if you cannot make it live. It will be emailed to all, and you can watch it as many times as you want.

Format: 2 hour group video call on Zoom
Guided ceremony/meditation: 45 minutes
Workshop + Q&A: 75 minutes

You are welcome to join via video or just listen in, whatever feels best to you! Ceremonial cacao is optional  — you can find it at a natural food store near you.


There is a sliding scale for tickets. Since this is a longer special/workshop, you can choose the amount you feel called to give: ($22.22, $33.33, or $44.44 USD).

Or, for the same price, you can get the membership to receive this ceremony + all previous recordings + bonuses

THIS CEREMONY IS INCLUDED FOR THOSE WHO ARE PAID MEMBERS — You will find the Zoom link and recording here:

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