You are at a Choice Point Between 3D, 4D, 5D, and Beyond

You are at a Choice Point Between 3D, 4D, 5D, and Beyond

Hello friends!

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Hello from Nosara, Costa Rica!

We’ve been here for about a week now, and we're staying in a little Airbnb amongst the trees.

I don’t know if it’s a combination of the eclipse energy, 11/11 coming up, the collective grief and pain, and end of the year frenzy, but I’ve been moving through a lot of emotions. It feels big, it feels like so much is shifting — it’s hard to be here and feel it all, and at the same time, it feels like a massive clearing of energy.

Some of it feels like…

Well, everything’s changing and reconfiguring now… You can either struggle and try to force your way through it, or let go and open to what is new.

The harder you try, the harder it feels.

My brain is full of all the things I can be doing, but all my soul wants to do is BE.

All of this, in addition to feeling the heavy aching of humanity at a soul level… wondering how much longer we can take these cycles of pain and suffering… yearning for deep healing and peace.

The heart is heavy and tired. We can no longer ignore our shadows, our pain, our fear — both the shadows coming up to be seen in humanity, and our own inner battles. We must lean into our softness, our love, our faith — because it can feel like there is nothing else to hold onto that is stable or real.

Amongst all of this, I see so much noise.

Noise of opinions, noise of judgments, noise of comparison.

Noise of “10 strategies to do ABC” and “5 ways to improve your XYZ…”

A saturation of noise — making your mind whirl, making you feel like you’re behind with way too much to do.

Zooming into the microcosm, it feels like this frantic energy is heightened… as if everyone is scrambling to make it, to stay afloat on the mounting pile of things to do, to get ahead.

I was getting lost in it myself, knowing this is not the way forward. This is not what my soul is asking for.

And that’s when this image popped into my head as a reminder:

In simplified terms, these are the dimensions of consciousness.

The 3rd dimension — the conventional world and matrix we have known. The place where we have operated from fear, lack, and unconscious programming.

The 4th dimension — the transition phase, the dark night of the soul, our awakening to seeing there is so much more to this world than we have been told. A battle of the mind and the heart.

The 5th dimension and beyond — the energy of the New Earth, living from the heart, awakening to your soul, connecting to Source. This is where humanity is headed, and beyond.

REMEMBER. Most of the noise lives in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. The noise of your fears, the ego — the energy of comparison, force, and hustle.

This is where the water is choppy, and you see everyone thrashing about to stay afloat. This is the place where you feel like you need to hustle and force your way forward, because it seems like that is the only way — everyone else around you is, too.

But do you want to stay there? Do you want to be lost in the noise?

Your soul is whispering to you of another way — a way of ease, trust, and magic. And you have felt this before — when your heart is open, you are in a totally different reality where everything feels possible.

The 5th dimension, and beyond, is a brand new way of being — operating from a new frequency of trust and deep connection to who you are as a soul. You don’t need to force anymore — you become a magnet to everything you desire. You magnetize new timelines and realities. You rise above all the noise.

You open up new realities of joy, peace, and limitlessness.

You KNOW about this. But here is the challenge…

You are being asked to trust the 5th dimensional way of being and let go of the frantic energy of the 3D and 4D. You are being nudged to take a leap of faith.

The 3rd and 4th dimensions are highly addicting and tempting — even though it feels heavy here, it is comfortable because it is what you have known. It feels safer to keep forcing, hustling, planning, controlling — this way has served you throughout your life, and it seems to be the way everyone “out there” is getting ahead.

Or is it?

You are at a choice point.

Do you want to keep running on the treadmill of the 3D and 4D, or do you want to rise above and tap into the true power of your soul?

The ultimate leap of faith you are being nudged to take is to choose your soul. It is not really about a physical step or decision, except the decision to fully CHOOSE your soul. Choose your ascension. Choose to remember who you truly are, over and over again.

But here is the question: HOW do you choose the higher dimensional way of being? How do you truly anchor the energetic shift you are yearning for, the reality that lies beyond the leap of faith?

What does this leap of faith truly require?

You have already made so many leaps, day by day, step by step. You have already shifted so much.

But why is it that you don't feel like you're there just yet?

The energetic shift can seem massive, daunting – to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be... between how you feel now, and how you want to feel.

But the physical steps your soul is nudging you to take can feel so insignificant and trivial at times.

Your soul nudges you, and you say back:

Just meditate more, every day? But I meditate, and it doesn't feel like it's changing anything massive.

Just write more, create more, from the heart? But I've already tried this, I've done this.

Just relax a little, and trust? Okay, but I've already been doing this, more and more.

As much as it feels like you're being nudged to take a blind leap of faith across a vast canyon, the steps to "get there" feel insignificant – and it is more like you're taking 3 steps forward, one step back.

The mind protests: "But how can doing this one thing change the way I feel?"

And underneath that:

– Am I good enough?

– What if it's draining to keep showing up?

– Is what I want too good to be true?

What does "THE leap" truly feel like and look like? It's hard to tell, when the place you're hoping to land feels so unknown.

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Maybe it is more about the intention, the energy, behind the leap.

It is more about saying, "I choose to show up. I choose to listen to my soul. I choose to be open." I choose to believe in myself, I choose to keep going...

I choose to leap into the arms of the universe, trusting my soul to catch me. Trusting to be shown the way. Trusting this is the way to the life, the future, the world I am dreaming of.

I found a page in my journal while I was reflecting on this, and it said:

“Walking in full mastery is not about activating your gifts, improving yourself, or even strengthening your spiritual connection.

It is about KNOWING who you are as a soul. Remembering you are infinite, you are one, you are whole. It is not about understanding this from the mind, but fully living from this place as your inner knowing.”

When you KNOW this in your bones, it changes the way you show up. It changes the way you think, feel, and live. It changes everything.

Choose to live as your soul. Choose to remember, over and over again. Choose to rise above the fears, the doubts, the judgments, and helplessness.

Every time you notice yourself thinking a disempowering thought, come back to your heart. Come back to your higher self. See yourself through the eyes of your soul – of unconditional love.

You are being nudged to wipe the slate clean of everything you have held onto as fact – every expectation that limits what is possible, every belief that holds you in separation.

Choose to remember how powerful you are.

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Here are some photos of our journey recently.

Written with love,